The Worst Cardio Mistakes Everyone Makes For Fat Loss (Avoid These)

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In this video I’m covering 5 common cardio mistakes people make when trying to lose fat. We’ll cover how much cardio you should do for fat loss, how it impacts muscle gain, the interference effect, timing of cardio around weight training, HIIT vs LISS, fasted cardio, considerations around NEAT and more.



Cardiorespiratory Fitness & All-Cause Mortality Meta-Analysis:

Physical Activity & Weight Maintenance:

Cardio isn’t as Effective for Fat Loss as You’d Expect:

Interference Effect:

Warming Up & Performance:

Proximity of Cardio to Weight Training:

Cardio Intensity:

Volume of Cardio:

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Written by Jeff Nippard
Filmed by Daniel Cooper, Jeff Nippard and Stephanie Buttermore
Edited by Jeff Nippard using Final Cut Pro


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Jeff Nippard says:

How many days per week do you do cardio? I'm trying to see something…

Interactive Information says:

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Rodger Bane says:

You get old and start getting high blood pressure, cardio becomes WAY more important. But yeah diet is KEY.

yung homie fresh says:

Someday we are just going to get the point where nothing works to burn fat

Edward M says:

Great video ! Inspires me !

Eric Black says:

Are you almost done with engineering school you nerd!!!!!!!? Lol

navidad says:

Damn ur short

Brian Scidmore says:

Some reason I couldn’t post in the pinned comment.

I think i need to understand what is considered cardio.
First thing in the morning I run a mile @ 7:40-8 min pace I run to the track .3 miles and then walk as a cool down home. Its 1.51 miles total, Then do 10 push up, 25 sit ups, 10 push ups, 50 scissor kicks, 10 push ups, 25 straight leg crunches, 10 push ups, 25 reverse sit ups, 10 push ups.
This for me is cardio but I don’t count it as a work out. The same as when I worked constructions lifting 30-50 sheets of OSB to the roof wasn’t a work out it was just daily activity.
I ride a bike for cardio 3 times a week either about 10 miles 12-13 mph pace on a path, or 5miles @ 6-8mph off road trails. Also according to apple fitness I walk 6.5 miles/day at 20 min a mile. This is in the trends area. I actually walk between 16-17 min a mile but with traffic and stop lights it slows me down a lot.

So there you go

raul209l says:

SO WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO, i got nothing from this vid bruh

Sludge Wave says:

What do you think about Jump rope? Is it Low intensity training when done at a regular steady pace or does it still count as HIIT?

Cause I'm pretty confortable doing jump rope now and it feel like it's low intensity. But everyone seems to say that it's High intensity.

catwesage says:

dang, my boi bringing out the systematic review/meta-analyses!

Nnay says:

it's honestly impressive just how energy efficient our body is when it comes to endurance exercise such as cardio. really shows the evolutionary benefit humans have in endurance

XbenXwilsonX Highlights says:

I use weighted walking for my cardio. Once the distance gets easy I just add more weight.

Joe Sinegal says:

Great Information! Your Voice Sounds Like Ben Shapiro's! Keep Up The Excellent Work!

Chad says:

Maybe focus on other muscles except the biceps.
Just saying.

Jamie Skinner says:

If any ones walking on the treadmill then they are clearly lacking the effort to burn fat

Calvin Cobb says:

Idk for fat burn and a bit of strength recently i've just used a 30lbs weighted vest and walk at between 3.3 and 3.4 mph uphill on a treadmill for 40 mins about 2 to 3 times a week on top of playing ice hockey twice a week. Idk if that good but it helps and also a good diet too

Ondřej Tureček says:

The first mistake is assuming “cardio” is superior to resistance training in building “cardiorespiratory fitness”. “Cardio” doesn’t uniquely train your heart. In fact, it also uses peripheral muscular work (of lower quality than RT) to eventually achieve some central adaptations to blood vessels, cells and organs including the heart (and liver, lungs, kidneys…all of them, really!) All this is done to better support the growing muscle with nutrients. But the same thing happens with proper high effort resistance training. And for GENERAL fitness, resistance training has you covered. You will become better runner if you run, of course, but that will be more about: experience with running given distance (finding your ideal most efficient tempo), running technique/economy improvements. If you take trained runner and trained resistance trainer and let them fight it out on a rowing machine or a bike, you might see surprising results regarding their “cardio”. (The RT guy will probably win if all other things are equal.)
Or, if you take out of shape guy and let him undergo bike test in 2 weeks, and he trains on that very bike for those two weeks, he might beat a runner who has objectively better general fitness parameters who didn’t train on the specific bike two weeks prior.

Michael Singh says:

Weight loss, and the magical formular. Count ur calories you eat, use it up and a little more before you eat again! Walk or gym, its up 2 u. My tip aim to lose a pound a month

Phig Bill says:

I like to try and make my cardio work for me rather than just an aimless treadmill or assault bike exercise, I'll make the effort and have a brisk walk too and from the gym (for me thats virtually 30 minutes each way) and with general activity through the day I'm still hitting between 8000-10000 steps p/day, I also try and get in a 20 min HIIT session 3 times a week and even then I try and work that it with a circuit including body weight exercises, sled push/pull, kettle bell carries and 30 sec sprints on an assault bike, works for me and probably not everyone.

LadyVenompunk says:

I've just begun my second attempt at taking my life back – 51 lbs down as of today and I'm starting to look into more efficient ways of doing things as I seek to solidify some of these new habits and prune away bad/misguided ones. Enjoyed this video and your insights, even here a year later. Thanks for sharing!

غيث بن زيان says:

you didn't mention wether HIIT could be done before weight training session or after it or shouldn't be done together at all

Dela Cabral says:

Simply go the gym and look at the mirror.

Jack Russo says:

I’ve been doing 30 minutes on a incline treadmill to burn 300 calories a day. It helped me lose weight.

HealingMonk says:

I do high intensity stepmaster for 20 minutes then low intensity bike for 20 minutes to recover then i do my weights. I eat the recommended calorie intake as well as track macros. Ive noticed major improvements in muscle gain. 4 pounds of muscle in 6 months. May not sound like a lot but it was for me. (Low T)

Laugh of Naruto says:

Too much cardio is a mistake,
it depletes your muscle Gaines which burns the most fat in the first place.

Lauren S says:

If I lose 1% of my body weight per week, how can I ensure this is fat loss and not muscle loss?

Ken Creel says:

Mistake number 1 is you saying fat loss is about calorie reduction – there is enough studies that show calories from sugar is far worse than calories from fat and hence a calorie is not a calorie.

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