PART 2 Muscle Strengthening, chronic pain & Fascia… is it a goof idea??

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Many chronic pain sufferers are told they “Need to strengthen”… but is that good advice?? 🤔 💪 will that actually help them resolve chronic pain? Let’s look at a visual demonstration that should help illustrate our point.
At SST, we believe restoring balance and function FIRST, before strengthening is crucial, and it may even be dangerous and cause more pain for people if this order is not respected.
We LOVE helping people strengthen and become more and more active, but we find it is crucial to first stabilize! Generally speaking this takes on average 7-8 therapy sessions, before we can then start to safely strengthen our clients.
Have you had your Myofascia system assessed?
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hauwau adamu says:

Dr Ekan on YouTube Channel is my savior I thought all hope was lost until I was recommended to him on Youtube on how he cure people with pure natural root and herbs without no side effects. Thank you sir for curing me from chronipain I really appreciate ……

Datman says:

A goof idea?

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