What If Physics IS NOT Describing Reality?

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Neils Bohr said, “It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how Nature is. Physics concerns what we can say about Nature.” Well it turns out that if we pay attention to this subtle difference, some of the most mysterious aspects of nature make a lot more sense.

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Guided Meditation says:

All nature is consciousness
All reality is consciousness
Physics is a well funded attempt to convince everyone it isn't. This is why I am not a big fan of Einstein and other famous physicists. They concealed vastly more than they revealed.

Andrew Serña says:

There is no Evidence to prove our senses perceive reality and not simply good enough to get us through the day

Chris Monk Sellye says:

Terrence Howard et al already solved all this. You check it out maybe.

Jeffrey Eick says:

To the question If the Moon exists because we see it , but is not there when we can't see it [close our eyes]. At low tide stand on the shore line , and look at the moon. Then close your eyes. If it disappeared when you can't see it you would be flooded by the water rushing back And no water can't see .

Noun Verber says:

damn, this dude went from 34 to 54 in a matter of months

ronald jorgensen says:

2 cents try wave particle duality = relativity law inverse matter from energy nothing lost great math practice lol now silence enter me

ronald jorgensen says:

one point if you apply half measurement principle to schoedengers eqaution you can in redundancy put the squeexe on schodengers fuzz clearing pixilation weather telescopic or micro

Stu Mas says:

If we had only four senses say, without vision, could we ever comprehend colour?
I don't think the universe can be fully perceived or understood within the confines of our five senses. Yet, our attempts to explain the universe is like using two colours to paint a rainbow.

Unless the universe exists entirely within the limits of human perception, there will always be gaps in our knowledge that we're not even aware of.

Mario Barbatti says:

At 7:17, Matt mentions that Zeilinger derived an equivalent of the Schrodinger equation. Could anyone point me to the reference to this work?

Jimmy Rogers says:

I'm just going to point to the double slit experiment And that matter doesn't exist Except as energy until it's observed by a consciousness ……

mrwensveen says:

In essence the universe is playing a game of statues with all of us. Doing all kinds of weird things while we're not looking.

Michael Johnson says:

How can an observant dependent reality allow for natural process like a plant growing? Just because I am not watching my plants does not mean.

Wizard King says:

What would I feast on without this channel? So thankful for PBS

Nicholas DePaola says:

You guys should read “Saving the Appearances” by Owen Barfield. Very interesting read that deals with the implications of these types of theories.

MyDog Brian says:

> But pygmy mammoths do exists!
Actually their fossils to be precise. They went extinct circa 3,000 B.C..
– They were caused by the evolutionary force of addapting to scarcer availability of resources by being stranded on islands resulted from glacier melting, & so rising sea levels.
– But this just illustrates your point of limited available information on the quantom level gives you limited knowledge about what you are observing. Physically or mentally.

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