Treasury secretary speaks out about struggling economy

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Janet Yellen said inflation is unacceptably high.



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El Ingles says:

Everybody on the J6 bogus committee, knows how many votes were used by Google.

EiD mubbarkk touAllmuslimcntriese..hmriGrigndprnjr says:

hww was trumpp

Oscar Windham says:

RELITY CHECK!!! Everything discussed so far screams some sort of price controls or Big Corporate Business, which includes Big Oil, will just continue to "allegedly" collude in order to fix prices higher so that they can continue to satisfy their greed/avarice with this opportunistic price gouging that is supposed to be illegal, if this plutocracy didn't own the kleptocracy that was once our Congress. This all looks a whole lot like we have become the United Mafia States of America?

DJ Pomare says:

Gas prices have risen all over the world but typical Americans live in a bubble and think it's all about them.

If Americans want the gas prices to go down then they should mass protest outside the homes of Oil company CEOs.

Americans follow Fox TV conspiracies and protest outside vote official homes and yet 'too stupid' to protest for reality.

Democrats and republicans are just American words that mean absolutely nothing outside the US. Wake up

Toni Loc says:

No matter who is in charge no matter who’s president now or in the future a recession will always be inevitable it’s called the business cycle folks

Dean says:

Biden canceled Americans energy independence is why

Bill Larson says:

It helps if if u have a clue??? Morons n idiots.

The Joker says:

Like they could careless

Ryan Thibeaux says:

Kmsl what did the democrats expect? Dumbasses

YamiCS80 says:

BigOil, BigCorp, BigRealty is killing us

pratikbhuyan0 says:

Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.

Mike Pumps says:

The goal of Globalists is to make everyone EQUALLY poor .

Mike Pumps says:

This is the psychopath who bends over for the economic forum

Thomas says:


Richard Goh says:

Whenever I open up CNN or FOX or BBC or ABC etc. I see only problems such as inflation or recession or political rivalry or war or how to contain China’s rise.
But whenever I open up Chinese channels like CCTV or CGTN etc. I see discussions on further strengthening of economics build-up or stimulation of productions or higher and deeper technical research or cooperation among friendly countries.
Are the Western nations losing their order of priority?

Warheads Kim says:

High Inflation plus lack of goods those are the sign of Socialism, communism for SURE. They try to do it now humm??

Warheads Kim says:

Does she look normal to you guys?

Ronald Mulvey says:

Every financial goal requires patience, dedication and consistent spirit knowing that investment is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people's lives.

technick says:

Here's a crazy idea, stop funding a stupid war with Russia over Ukraine and put those trillions of dollars towards lowering gas. Everyone in Ukraine has had plenty of time to get out, lets not kid ourselves, fighting their war is hurting ourselves and it's not worth it anymore.

technick says:

Fire Janet and hire someone MORE qualified and younger.

HelpMeUnderstand says:

Just shows you how under qualified all these “leaders” are. Woe unto this wicked generation.

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