Leonard Susskind Marrying Quantum Physics & General Relativity

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American physicist, professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University, and founding director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics, Leonard Susskind, explains black holes, quantum physics, general relativity and how they are intertwined.

Knowing how the laws of physics behave at the extremes of space and time, near a black hole, is an important piece of the puzzle we must obtain if we are to understand how the universe works. Leonard Susskind explains how general relativity and quantum mechanics are related.

There are four fundamental forces at work in the universe: the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force, and the gravitational force. They work over different ranges and have different strengths. Gravity is the weakest but it has an infinite range.

Three of the four fundamental forces of physics are described within the framework of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. The current understanding of the fourth force, gravity, is based on Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which is formulated within the entirely different framework of classical physics. However, that description is incomplete.

According to Susskind, quantum gravitational effects are extremely weak and therefore difficult to test.

Leonard Susskind and his colleges of theoretical physicists have forged a connection between wormholes in spacetime and a quantum phenomenon called entanglement. This could help physicists reconcile Einstein’s general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

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Bdmartins says:

The audio is pulled from a talk given by Susskind at UC Berkeley. Search for it on YouTube and you’ll find it. Not sure why this channel doesn’t cite that talk in the description. They’re just repackaging sound bites with impressive graphics.

Russ Turner says:

Everything is connected, but we may never be able to prove it, but like quantum physics, we can only prove it works, by being repeatable, so we have Faith!!!

Karl West says:

Do you, quantum physics, take general relativity, to be your lawful wedded physics theory?
|Yes> + |No>

Amin Omar says:

what he is saying is wrong (he is not a real scientist) his main goal is a specific thing and tries to cover up.

Amin Omar says:

they use thievery as patching techniques to cover up their theft crimes.
it is not revelations from the sky while they were asleep their entire life or COVID-19 disease effect !
that was written three years ago.

Amin Omar says:

he is a thief, all of them use thievery as patching techniques.
he want to steal a specific thing: connecting the subatomic level to cosmological level to solve the problem of space then gravity.
I have talked in more details about that such as how Planck's constant, other constants such as Pi and the cosmological constants all points to the beginning point, there was more details such as rotating the triangles to make it clear to understand infinity, space, dimensions,……
I have wrote that on closer to truth YouTube channel and others, kuhn has deleted my comments for theft purpose, he works with davies for a big theft too.
there are many other thieves.

James Ruscheinski says:

Might the effects of quantum gravity be measurable on the larger scales of universe, where gravity is more dominant?

Jellosquat says:

My brain hurts

Apsteronaldo says:

Came for Susskind, stayed for the cool pictures

robert roseberger says:

The sound overlapping Susskind was terrible, drowning him out.

Original RK Official says:

I am still in high school but I'll join you soon "My great men"

wav.mp3 mp3 says:

I love how all the old theories that haven’t quite been proved to a few have been jumbled together into new science, we are as a species so intelligent, through trial error and years and years of mechanics and maths has brought us so close to answering so many deep questions about the universe, when we as a species unlock all its secrets we will be the most dominant force in the universe

Boban Bob says:

R.I.P Brilliant Mind Stephen Hawking!!!

AmonyNous says:

I'm a black hole AMA.

Makar Kelin says:

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Surya Edits says:

Quantum entanglement, warm hole and double slit experiment concepts are hypothetical. No evidence. Only mathematical theory. Not mathematical evidence. Cheers.

ഒടിയൻ മാണിക്യൻ says:

nice knowledge collection

Zach says:

Good luck, he's been kicking that can down the street since he was a plumber..

Jim C. Goodfellas says:

Susskind is great

Field and Stream says:

Leonard ❤️

Abusaid Abduqodirov says:

I am first who shares feedback

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