DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL (If This is You)

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DO NOT go to medical school if you identify with these 4 factors. Med school is a long and arduous journey. If you’re going to become a doctor because your parents want you to, if you don’t like working with people, if you aren’t ready to commit to the hard work for years on end, or if medicine isn’t your main focus, then reconsider your decision.

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Med School Insiders says:

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bestest support says:

most useful advice ive ever heard, in my life. thnx

_pewreat says:

My biggest concern for med school is dealing with people, not that I don't like dealing with people, but the attitude I have doesn't feel like it fits to be a doctor. I don't have problems dealing with people, but I'm afraid people will have problems dealing with my quiet and introverted attitude.

hat for fun erza says:

I work from 10am tell 6am for 2 week im good ??

TJLocust says:

Just failed my first year exams by 1 mark and I am now facing revising the entirety of the year 1 content in 3 weeks for the retake.
I relate completely to the 3rd point. I know that I'm a very intelligent person but I just can't bring myself to spend hours studying and memorising, especially with lectures from the most monotonous people on earth! I can only assume my University hired its lecturers by measuring their superhuman ability to telepathically induce sleep.
I said to my parents when I was 11 years old that I wanted to be a Doctor and they immediately started to help me get accepted in to Medical school. I know that this was because they wanted me to succeed and they wanted the best for me! However, they soon became pushy. Medical School was originally my idea, but I'm now wondering if I wasn't fulfilling my dream, but theirs. Now at the end of my first year, I'm starting to re-evaluate if its even for me at all.
What's more, the profession that really interests me, the military, is something that my whole family and my girlfriend (who I fear I will lose if I fail Medicine) completely reject and don't support me doing for various reasons.
I feel stuck from all angles.

Jo none says:

I want to go to medschool because I’m obsessive about finding out the root cause of the disease. I don’t want to just deal meds to people . I want to alleviate the human suffering. I hate doctors who don’t have the motivation.

Sophie M says:

me after watching Grey's Anatomy:

Donald Hall says:

Years later, when I was on the faculty of my old Med School one of my "duties" was to be on the Admissions committee. One of the very first questions I would ask the candidate was whether or not there were medical people in their families. If there were I always probed a little deeper and on occasion would discover your #1 reason not to be a Physician. Many of those candidates would express relief that they had been "found out" and the interview would shift its focus to what it was that the individual really wanted to do with their life. The one I remember most was a young man whose whole family were Physicians. Mother, Father, 2 Brothers and 1 Sister. Talk about pressure! Within a few minutes of the start of the interview It was pretty obvious that this guys heart was not into medicine. So I asked him point blank what it was that he really wanted to do. His answer… He wanted to be an Art Historian. So the rest of the interview was basically how to confront his parents with his decision and how he could best pursue his goal. Several months later I got a letter from this young man. He was enrolled in a Masters program in Art History at one of the better Universities on the East coast. His goal was to eventually get a PhD in the subject. I hope he made it.

Ruined Sett says:

I was kinda relieved to hear that intelligence has less to do with being successful because i really want to be doctor but im not really a math guy but i want to study hard

ObnoX says:

I was forced into medicine, i really wanted to be a computer programmer or a business owner but most of my family agreed that it would be too risky and my only safe bet would be medicine, the problem is I don't have empathy for people, it's a problem I've had all my life, I don't understand emotions, i don't like doing things for others, im already in my 2nd year and I can't go back even if i wanted to, i absolutely hate it, it doesn't feel right or does it feel wrong it feels unfamiliar and creepy in some sense, i really wish i had faught with my family when choosing and just went with computer programming, i do agree that you should find a job that can stabilize you in the future but make sure it's something you like as well, otherwise you'll get sick and tired of it before you even get halfway through.

olive oil says:

this background song is in like every bloxburg speed build sjhkhkshjsh

Jonathan Argaez says:

I will become a physician it’s only a matter of time.

Tabassum says:

In my 3rd yr of med school I realised I like talking to strangers (patients) although I am an introvert. I think it’s all about passion, if you really want something you'll definitely adapt yourself.

Katie Land says:

I have severe scoliosis, failed a few courses in my undergrad, I don't have any medicine-related experience, and I'm also in my late 20s. But going into med school has recently sparked my interest and I want to pursue it. Can anyone advice me please? I can't really talk about this with anyone in my circle so I don't have anybody to talk to.

Shimachu says:

I've been wanting to become a doctor since I was a little kid, now I'm about to have to go through the immense decision of what to do with my own life. No my parents aren't forcing me, I want to make them proud by my own will and also because Healthcare in the Philippines sucks in terms of money and my family isn't rich or anything so I want to be the one tending to them personally. I like people, lmao. I work hard if I find the subject pretty deadly in my case. And I'm deadset on this decision. But the only thing that is blocking me is fear of failure, fear that I won't make it since I feel dumb. But I'm trying.

If you read all through that, thanks for doing so, I needed to let that out and it's currently 3am.

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