Treatment of Multidrug Resistant Organisms (MDROs)– Part One

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What do you do when bacterial growth shows resistance to all of the antibiotics on your micro panel?
This is the dilemma that we are faced with everyday when it comes to multidrug resistant organisms.
As microorganisms are exposed to common antibiotics due to overuse, they instinctually build resistance to them, rendering the antibiotics that we use today ineffective for tomorrow’s use.
In this two- part series on multidrug resistant organisms, we will examine the major organisms (such as ESBL, CRE, and KPC) causing this worldwide problem and the new therapies being used to combat them.


Peace Ninja says:

I need some explanation on this. Why is it that there’s a huge concern about “multi drug resistant” pathogens?
Back in the days, something as simple as iodine was used as a general antimicrobial with excellent results. Kills everything and nothing can develop resistance to it. Why is the medical establishment pushing this fear?

Graciela Cabreja says:

this is really great thank you so much PharmEZ Tutor !!

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