The Last Dance: Behelit Mentality | Castle Super Beast Clips

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Stinger Johnny says:

Maybe it’s just because I have The Boys on the brain, but the way Woolie describes how the best athletes and celebs are either created or brainwashed makes me think of Homelander.

I know The Boys is a deconstruction of celebrity worship as well as superheroes, and it’s interesting to observe what they criticize in action.

Erik Feral says:

"Slam as thou wilt."

Gojiro7 says:

oh god, I just now realized, Jorden is real life Sasuke Uchiha and I fucking hate it >.<

Julian Locileno says:

There's real footage of a 3 year old Tiger Woods making a putt on an old talk show, I forget the specific one
Point is, yes he was literally raised to be this monster.

Gilead26 says:

This is a great companion video to Super Eye Patch Wolf’s SpaceJam2 video.

High says:

This reminds me of when in a interview with mike Tyson he once said he wanted to punch so hard he went through his opponent’s body

Gojiro7 says:

I met him once as part of a Boy scout thing when I was a kid, we were supposed to have lunch with him at a restaurant he owned in Chicago, but he was running behind on his schedule and could only stick around to do a quick Q&A, which was mostly us asking him what it was like to meet bugs bunny (I didn't say or ask anything, being a small child next to this REALLY tall man was kind of intimating) and after he left, all our parents were like "were not spending 300 dollars to eat here after getting snubbed" and we all went out for hot dogs instead XD

awsomesaucekirby says:

So what you're saying is we need to engineer our athletes

Jay Jay says:

Everyone is saying he's Griffith but the pettiness is giving me more Sasuke vibes

Boom Perez says:

Those damned pets are the best part of this.

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