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Fishing line leader I use: https://www.bustedfishing.com
Oceans Legacy Rods: https://oceanslegacy.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gidoslandbasedfishing/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gidos_fishing_adventures/

Heavy Setup
Rod: Oceans Legacy prototype pe8
Reel: Shimano Stella 20000
Line: 80 lb Tasline and 170lb Momoi Leader

Fish Species
Western Blue Groper (Achoerodus gouldii)


Barbara Gentles says:

I enjoy watching you but I would not take those chances please be careful

hech th says:

if that fish could think like a human he would have heart attack while was pulled out of the water from such a unexpected location also turned into monkey from confusion asked god why from thousand safe and secure locations this crazy man caught me where i never believed even eagle would launch.

Bryan Hicks says:

There has got to be a better way to get those fish up, cliff gaff is stupid. lmao

Juan says:

Un saludo desde Canarias, hay que tener cojones, para pescar donde tú pescas, me flipa tus vídeos, por el peligro que conlleva,cesó es adrenalina pura y dura

おとはまちゃん says:

Bort fishing

Xy10100 Yx10010 says:

Hi, Gido, good job, thanks for sharing ! But I am just curious about your drilling on the rock, in case that the EPA Officials also watched your videos, too. So will they charge you for Sabotaging Environments’ crime, or just misdemeanor ?

Nick Coudounellis says:

Actually the wira you caught not sure of the spelling make excellent fish soop . I use to catch them when i was young and my mum used them to make fish soop mixed together with rice potato and celery all boiled together. They dont look appetizing especially all the slime but they taste great if you know how to prepare and cook

the best gaming channel on youtube ever existed! says:

You forgot to leave your signature on the cliff

Lee Vang says:

More braver than me.

Sullyz World says:

Did u see that cave bro that was the campin spot


OK so this is now my fav fishing channel. Very extreme and amazing..

Garland Remington III says:

How far down do you think you go, to fish off your platform?? Also it does look extremely dangerous, because it is, extremely dangerous. Are tied in to the cliff someway, kinda like men that build scaffold up many stories and wear a safety belt.

Carolina Guy says:

I love this but man,vertigo,a bit of nausea and swaying around in my seat trying to watch the video. I could never do this,you have nerves of steel.

Mr Keenaz. says:

Of all the things I’m aware of not to do alone, I’m bewildered how Gido you don’t wear a self inflating life jacket. I’m sure you tell others of your journey, but buddy if you are struck with a health issue your in deep shit ay.

Francisco Vega says:

Y si dan ganas de ir al baño, si ya en el monté es difícil.

I'mwatching says:

I would anchor that board at least in the middle to the rock so will not swing out. I saw it swing out when landed the grouper on the board.

Nick Coudounellis says:

I'm getting dizzy just sitting here watching you go down the cliff. Excellent video

R Yeckley says:

How deep is the bottom?

Tomek Lukaschyk says:

Kranker scheis Mann.

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