Y-DNA Results with Genetic Genealogist Diahan Southard

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Take a deeper dive into Y-DNA with genetic genealogist Diahan Southard. She has made it her life’s mission to be the expert in understanding how DNA can help us with our family history research. Diahan really knows her stuff, you won’t want to miss this one. Diahan Southard’s website and courses are found here. https://www.yourdnaguide.com/ref/6/ (affiliate)

In this episode, Diahan took my research question/problem (the mystery of a missing great great grandfather) using the Y-DNA of one of my cousins and broke it down so we all can learn more about what is in our Y-DNA results and how it can help us with our genealogy.

We also took a look at the autosomal DNA (like you would find at AncestryDNA) for comparison.

Lastly, we talked about what the next steps should be to help resolve this family history mystery.

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0:00 Intro
2:20 Example ancestor with uncertain paternity
4:05 Why Y-DNA is a great tool
5:06 Must test at Family Tree DNA
5:30 Can’t transfer results
6:16 The 37 marker Y-DNA test and explanation
13:06 How to identify generation of connection
15:20 Constructing a pedigree chart
18:17 Mutations and what they mean
19:45 Excel to identify mutations
21:45 Educated guess on a generation of connection
23:25 Helpful when beyond autosomal DNA
24:00 Autosomal DNA compared to Y-DNA
25:05 Chart of all DNA cousins from all sources
32:00 “Ask the wife” strategy
34:00 Think about all possibilities
40:55 Is this ever solvable?
44:27 Signing up for Diahan’s course

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John Clancy says:

This video just cost me $100. I saw a Clancy project on Family DNA with 130 members, some interesting info perhaps. A handful from Leitrim, so maybe some clues once my Y dna test arrives and then goes through the process.

Salam Hanif says:

Thankyou for this well im pretty well informed but the part of the ge tic distances was and is a very crucial part of dna understanding I have a gentic distances with jordan of 0.16245,hazor 1.57952 all my elders deceased so all I have to go off of is the gentic distances my 23and my test has non detected on every population and crigentic didn't give me any gentic distances but thankyou for.this info

Richard Paz says:

What is the maternal test equivalent to this. I want to learn more about both side but is there a material test equivalent?

Rhonda Smith says:

I have a Tom Smith mystery, sometimes I think the only way we will get an answer is with a shovel. 😉
Great episode. I've been wanting to database all Matches from all sites, but I hate Excel. Is there any other programs that would work? My ADD Logical brain should love Excel but nope.

L Wilson says:

Diahan Southard is simply AMAZING – this presentation was simply Brilliant – you were so VERY lucky to Recieved her help & advice- SUPER informative. Great work! BOTH of you – I have some Jenson's in my tree – Jens Frederick Jensen Sr – Married my 1st cousin 1x removed Mary Elizabeth Wilson He past away in 2002 – One never knows… We might be related even if Remotely — THANKS AGAIN – for another Astounding Presentation

Wyatt Cerri says:

Great video. My paternal line is Italian so I only have three matches, two of them were far back enough for their known ancestors to be Saudi Arabian. Still fun to learn about the history of the line though.

TESL. blog says:

Oh my god, this was one of the most amazing episodes. Can we please get to see the resolution after all the (Y)DNA tests have been completed?

Van Craven says:

Thank you. This is great.

Kat Ree says:

I don't use my full real name on here, but I'm also a Southard. It's not a common surname and we're struggling with the DNA and a dead end ancestor. I think I'll have to look up her course.

Starracer88@yahoo.com says:

Awesome information. Great work! I already knew most of this but providing this information to the followers at home is awesome!

Martin Barr says:

Very interesting. In the search to find my Great Grandfathers true birth family as he was adopted in the 1880s London before official adoptions began. I have done a Y-DNA test. The results were a bit disappoiting with only 1 person matching at 37 markers but 4 steps away. At 25 markers 49 matches but only 4 at 1 step away. At 12 markers 937 matches. Is it possible to use the 25 marker results to try and find out who my Great Grandfathers birth family were? I have also done an Ancestry DNA test.

Angela Uzdilla says:

What about if you are not carrying a lot cms to your grandfather's line? I do not carry a lot of genes from my grandfather's side … Example I have a cousin which would be a 3d cousin but I carry ONLY 9 cms to her and I pretty much have low cms to my grandfathers side. So ancestry is telling me that they are all distant cousins ( like 6th etc) very few that come up higher. … For years I have been trying to find my Great grandfather's father. Even if I could just only be able to find our true family surname would be awesome.

Gordon MARTIN says:

Many thanks. Wish I had Y-DNA matches to apply this process. My haplogroup is Q-BZ1234 which is said to be Native American.

Mysti M says:

I took Diahan's Endogamy course in January and it was fantastic! Unfortunately, my personal life did not allow me to do as much deep dive as I had hoped for my own tree. But I highly recommend her courses. I plan to take more.

Henri Keith says:

Not sure my brain will ever be the same…need to re-watch this one several times! Lots of good information to absorb.

Kathleen Kelley says:

Wow! Definitely need to watch a few times to absorb all the info. Diahan is so knowledgeable.

William Peiffer says:

Confusing but helpful.

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