Trump responds to Jan. 6 hearings l GMA

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The former president lashed out at the hearing committee and at former Vice President Mike Pence while speaking at a gathering of religious conservatives.

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Steven Rohrich says:

Not only is Trump the biggest LIAR, he is also biggest LOSER, biggest WHINER, biggest HAS BEEN. Not sure what is worse, Trump or his MAMA Maggots infected with Q-Anon Disease.

sulaiman akhleken says:

joe biden was a mistake

ryland stowell says:

Trump, Biden, Obama, & the Clintons & the Bush's work TOGETHER. The people are mad!? No way! Really? Couldn't be because of a COMPLETLY corrupt government for the last 300 years. Let alone all countries suffering from the same thing worldwide. But let's blame just a few guys.

No Diggity says:

Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

Edward Patterson says:

donald trump still on his delusional heartache tour was so sure he was going to start singing cry me a River. But you never know with a delusional mind. He's happy when he's ripping you off of your money. He can keep talking all he wants but he'll never be president of America again and he'll never be installed as a dictator of America and that's a fact jack. Delusional minds like his delusional Christian followers who haven't the slightest clue of what the path to God is because they're preachers lead them astray . And when they wake up and realize it was donald trump who led them astray it will be too late he'll have their money and they would have sold their soul to the devil

Cindy Tran says:

Trump is helping us the great country USA but the left radical try to be part of China communism party God will not let happen

Cindy Tran says:

Biden and Nancy got everything but lose your souls then what’s the use

Cindy Tran says:

I pray to God for them two for Nancy and Biden to come back to God and asked forgiveness

jamie brotherston says:

Evantrumpicals. It's a swingers convention.

Cindy Tran says:

Nancy and Biden are bad influence for Catholic people

Cindy Tran says:

Nacy and Biden so old already they need to worries about their souls before too late

Cindy Tran says:

Why is Democrats always to harm Trump family why don’t they afraid of God punishment

Roger Huffman Jr. says:

A total show trial and I prove it below:

lindafudge57 says:

Trump is the best.

lindafudge57 says:

You mean he can't do what he wants. His supporters can't act ugly. Wow after the election was stolen and protesters burn city's for their cause. Leave this man alone. The economy down the toilet. What the world is wrong with people in government. They are idiots. Too much power no brains. They don't work for the people. He worked for the people asking for nothing in return. I don't get it

Hot knight 13 says:

Best president !

Peace maker says:

Wicked corrupted christians allowing the criminal trump in their meeting, they can’t save trump from the wrath of God

Helena Pereira says:

Does he even believe in God?

MarcLeSlac says:

Alt title: trump the orange baby throws a temper tantrum over stuff he commited.

Judi Christophersen says:

Shut up Trump all you do is tell lies

Judi Christophersen says:

Probably should all be put in jail they believe somebody like trump all Trump us is lying to him shame on the proud boys go to jail

john jones says:

ABC liberal losers get over it

Judi Christophersen says:

Hi love pence and I prayed for him on January 6 he should be the President of the United States I respect him a lot

Judi Christophersen says:

Trump you are completely disgusting

Judi Christophersen says:

Lier lier lier stop liking Trump

Victor S. Ibáñez says:

Love from Kyiv –

protostars says:

"help me over throw the government and I'll give you all pardons" – Dipshit Donny (seditious twat)

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