Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people – BBC News

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Italy has placed up to 16 million people under quarantine as it battles to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Anyone living in Lombardy and 14 other central and northern provinces will need special permission to travel. Milan and Venice are both affected.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also announced the closure of schools, gyms, museums, nightclubs and other venues across the whole country.

The measures, the most radical taken outside China, will last until 3 April.

Italy has seen the largest number of coronavirus cases in Europe and reported a steep rise in infections on Saturday. The strict new quarantine measures affect a quarter of the Italian population and centre on the northern part of the country that powers its economy.

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BBC News says:

Coronavirus: How do I protect myself? :

Mittens says:

I’m sure this will all blow over quickly

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Peter Downey says:

China has a high level of international connectivity, but ultimately it was the outbreak in Italy that significantly accelerated the global spread of COVID-19.

catrina moy says:

Recorded from BBC News, 10:0011:00

Šimon Bucher says:

Comment after 8 months


Follow me to see where corona is.
Coronavirus statistics are today across Europe on Friday, April 10.

Deborah George says:

love the livestream guys

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madan kumar says:

Project black (bio war) stage-1 succesfull by donald trump on china now started second stage against whole world by its medicine….

Lance Hewison says:

Sending my love to Italy. I was just there this last October when everything was normal:

Lohengrin says:

Lol you guys are targeting specific cell phones now? Bring it. You can't beat us.
And you don't even know who we are.

Amy Knorr says:

Not I Sis but Os Iris! How many times was the bloodline of Os Iris born in Rome?

Nefertiti II

Cleopatra III

St. Clare of Venice

Barbarella Gucci

Amati Gucci

Briacelli Gucci

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胡世檩 says:

Dear friends from other countries, you may not getting the point yet, but listen to my reporting from China and stay at home, tell your friends to stay home too and tell your club owners to close their places down for a while. I am living in China, I know how dangerous the virus and I see how people corporate with the Chinese government to cope with these challenges together! I will not wait to see my friends and my families live jeopardized by stupid ravers and football fans. Anyway, I just hope Governments from each country can report sth real, tell people how realities are! and help each other! I hope everyone will be fine!

Chiese d'Italia says:

Ma quella di Bologna é Mariangela?

一炮轰碎蔡英文大裤衩子 says:

What is the american do for Italy?

dolimi jotoo says:

"What are we doing to our economy" words uttered by the dinosaurs 65 million years ago no doubt. FFS.

Lily Jay says:

There’s not point of saving the economy if no one is alive to save it

pradeep dubey says:

Chinese people should stop eating everything they see either BATS, SNAKES and what not. Theu eat and we pay the price.

Mc Allen says:

China Chorona dominate the world

maksum ahmad says:

80% destroy the world building will be free of corona

andylaauk says:

I suppose we should be thankful it's not the zombie apocalypse.

andylaauk says:

Italy is riddled with Coronavirus.

BBC = Let's fly a correspondent there to tell us that.


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