Chase Kalisz earns USA's first gold medal at Tokyo Olympics with 400m IM win | NBC Sports

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With a win in the men’s 400m individual medley, Chase Kalisz claimed the United States’ first gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics while fellow American Jay Litherland finished behind him for silver. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Swimming
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Each swimming event is broken up into rounds with the purpose of trimming the field of competitors (which can sometimes number upwards of 90+ for individual events) down to a final race of eight. Individual events at distances of 200m and shorter require three rounds: preliminary heats, semifinals, and a final. Each athlete participates in one of several preliminary heats in hopes of recording a top-16 time, thereby advancing to the semifinals.

From there, the eight fastest swimmers across both semifinal heats advance to the final. Individual events at distances of 400m or longer, along with all relay events, do not include a semifinal round. In these events, only the top eight swimmers or teams across the preliminary heats advance to the final. In the event of a tie for the final lane in a semifinal or final round, tied competitors swim an additional head-to-head race to determine who advances. This is also known as a “”swim off””. Olympic swimming competition days generally contain two sessions: one for only preliminary heats, and a second for semifinals and finals. The exceptions are the first day of competition, which lacks a semifinal/final session, and the last day, which does not contain a heats session.

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Chase Kalisz earns USA’s first gold medal at Tokyo Olympics with 400m IM win | NBC Sports


James Dean says:

These are real men athletes! They don’t need to go cheat and ruin women’s sports ! These guys are studs !

William Nowacki III says:

3:00 Micheal Phelps mentioned about Chase Kalisz being so conservative with his stroke in the breaststroke. Well conservative also does mean controlled

Seamus Cavanaugh says:

he's so gassed at the end he just falls backward off the lane line lmao

Panteneify says:

letsss gooooooooo

Thea Blaze says:

That silver finish though. I think he's the one who "kicked it like there's no tomorrow".

Oscar Velázquez Alvarado says:

Congrat Chase

Jose Hill says:

“Litherland is trying to battle back but he’s a ways back…” Dan little did you know.

Omar Gutierrez says:

USA the best !

DNA Alpha says:

This is soooo hard like the physical shape you have to be in is crazy

Wade Ursrey says:

Being an UGA fan makes that race even better.

MLMLW says:

Kalisz was ahead mostly the entire race, but Litherland deserves some big kudos here. What a huge comeback for him. Congrats to both guys for winning gold & silver. Wow!

Archie Kolakoski says:

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Alex Folsom says:

Toughest race is the 400im

Millner Marrys says:

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Yuan Perez says:

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Udry Menal says:

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Marques Burman says:

They should choose what order stroke they want

chau ngoc hoe says:

The icky college immunochemically prefer because destruction interestedly expand between a waiting river. ordinary, gorgeous soup

Landon SRT says:

Nice to have people who don't give up!

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