Ancestry Updates with Crista Cowan: June 2022

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This episode is an interview with Crista Cowan of She is answering your questions about the 1950 Census, the new scanning feature on the mobile app, AncestryDNA’s ThruLines®, Ancestry Ethnicity Estimates and the new SideView® technology, how to print your family tree on Ancestry, the new handwriting recognition technology, and what features and records are coming out soon. It’s always good to get the information from the experts at Ancestry. You won’t want to miss this one.

This was taped during the National Genealogical Society conference in May 2022.

🔴 Ancestry’s Photo Scanning

🔴 AncestryDNA, SideView: Separating Parents Ethnicity

🔴 1950 U.S. Census

🔴 Ancestry’s Thrulines: How to Use it for Your Family History



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0:00 Intro
1:10 Does Ancestry store DNA and for how long?
1:40 What’s the latest on the 1950 Census?
2:26 Using handwriting recognition software for other records?
2:41 Test project with the French census.
3:08 Latest on roll out of new photo scanning feature in the mobile app?
4:00 Additional features to photo scanning?
4:27 Resolution of scanned photos on the app?
5:40 In profile view, why doesn’t a source connect to all family members?
6:40 Can incorrect connections in ThruLines® be rejected?
8:28 Ethnicity Estimates – Sideview® What’s next?
9:39 Easy way to print family tree?
10:30 Any other announcements?

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Frank Hooper says:

I was likewise easily able to identify which parent was which in Sideview, as all my Welsh ancestry [that I know of] is on my maternal side.

Sylvia Rocha says:

Those ancestry testing kits are so expensive!

Richard Hoover says:

Fantastic, always when we get you and Crista together in a video!

Neil Campbell says:

can an "incorrect" warning be added to other people's trees as an alert to the tree owner, others looking at the tree and the thru lines algorithm.

What is best from a dna algorithm point of view? Is it enough to just have a person on my tree and the relationship identified through thru lines. Or do I need permission from the dna owner to copy them directly from their tree. Or should their be linked as a viewer/collaborator?

Marianne Odell says:

I’m pretty new at genealogy-I only have an iPad at the moment. Do I need to invest in a desk top or lap top to get the best out of all the tools offered at various sites?

Elke says:

Most of the errors on Thrulines I've experienced are when I have someone as a sibling, the match has that person as the son, or vis-a-versa, or dates typed incorrectly can throw off the tree as well. Now, if we can only get people to resond to their messages, and correct those mistakes.

Robert Grant says:

Thank you for a very informative interview! Well Done! Please identify the person or company that can assist with making charts of family trees. THANK YOU!

Jennifer Harned says:

I have noticed lately that on Distant Cousins I’m getting a few DNA match’s to both my Mother’s side and my Father’s side. Is there anyway to find out how or where this is happening?

A Woman says:

Since I sent Ancestry colourisation feedback, they have removed this option, as it was very hit and miss.

Richard William Swymeler-Sinor says:

Thank you both …Can we ever get an option to have our own tailored log in page as we had for years ¿. The new version is like a sales option page from Amazon and does not serve my personal research goals.

Sharon Tabor says:

Thrulines keeps trying to tell me that my ancestor's other wives are my ancestors. They aren't. but "name collectors" use that inaccurate information as fact.

Swankiest Nerd says:

My thru lines issue is people who add relatives in those spots that can’t logically be there, but there’s no way to get around them unless those users change them, for example a 3d great father who was born 80 years after his supposed progeny.

Andrew Wilton says:

Brilliant! My two favorite genealogists. Fun to watch and I always learn something new.

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