The Ultimate Forex Trading Course (For Beginners)

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Discover the secrets of Forex trading and how you can be a profitable Forex trader-even if you have no trading experience.

In this Forex trading course for beginners, you’ll learn:

0:00 – Introduction
01:00 – What is Forex trading
08:15 – Currency pair explained
14:05 – What is a pip
19:00 – The truth about leverage
23:50 – What is pip value and how to calculate it
30:44 – How to manage your risk like a professional trader
40:18 – Types of Forex orders
51:05 – The spread explained
58:58 – Types of Forex traders
1:01:45 – Technical analysis and market structure
1:13:36 – Area of value and support and resistance
1:21:48 – Entry triggers and candlestick patterns
1:36:10 – Real trading examples


Then go watch it right now.

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Rayner Teo says:

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Ehimhen Pascal says:

Just finished watching your video and you are really helpful breaking all the difficult layout of forex trading. Thank you just one question you on Instagram or Twitter where it will be easier to follow and learn more

Katlego Mogale says:

Thank you for such an informative video , there more I play it the more confident and courageous I become…

Gideon C.E Onyemali says:

I have a question as regards the ATR value of 32 pips. I am trying to practice, so while the value of the ATR was 0.322 is it safe to say you multiplied this value by 100 to get the the average number of pips over that 20 movements? Also it that the standard rule if I am to adopt the use if ATR?


Can one trade without using leverage or not?

Mr. Khalid Mahmood says:

The way you explain and elaborate the things is remarkable. Thanks, i am near to my retirement age and was planning to start trading.

Divinewill Edem says:

I love your explanations. I never had interest in this but yours really keep me going. I understand everything as the beginner and will play it over again. Thanks so much.

Udoka Udolico says:

I really appreciate you Rayner Teo, Thanks a million times!

adazor godsent says:

It's it necessary to use leverage when trading?


i just started watching it. Hopefully it can help me with my assignment with this Forex Trading. Completely starting from 0. Gonna update after done learning from this video. Btw, really like how he explain all the things in detail. Really hope i can absorb all the knowledge that you teach Sir.

ginger says:

Heya Rayner, first can I just say thank you so so much for deciding to make a youtube channel and break things down in such a simple way, but I'm just wondering is there any point getting into Forex trading now seeing as though the crypto currency is really starting to gain momentum? wouldn't every currency in every country be replaced with crypto in the next few years? what are your thoughts on this??? I want to get started in forex but am worried. Also, do you have any videos showing comparisons in the best platform to use for beginners?

Vibie Borong says:

thankk you so much sir.

Atlantic Hash says:

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Clinton Naibei says:

This is so profound and thanks man. You've simplified forex trading for beginners

Harold Ball says:

teaching forex…easy to u

Then download a FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Pric

BossBabydotONE says:

But why do you want apples for pears?

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