The F1 Quickdraw Challenge!

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We know they’re fast on-track… but how are their art skills? The team mates from Alpine, AlphaTauri and Haas get together to test each other’s penmanship!

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Yellow Garden says:

Amazing to see that Labor in Australia is going to ban all car racing in Australia as of 2025 . Climate change

Purwanti Allan says:

Tsunoda always referring as Azerbaijan buildings.

Temp0TheMan says:

I just got a gasly alpha tauri ad just before the vid…

Awais Nasir says:

presenter name?

Aditya Ranjan says:

she is sister of Lando xd


With Seb and Lance, Vettel would have to request drawing only shapes otherwise Lance would be lost.
I take it back…
Seb…We pass, shapes were too difficult for Lance.

Danae Douka says:

Yukio and pierre look like kids

Germán Cuesta says:

Idea: Have the drivers draw the race tracks from memory

FIA Random Penalty Generator Machine says:

Where the heck is "Weekend Warm-Up???"

Raquel Ilano says:

Alonso can be the dad of some of the drivers

Luke EarthCrawler says:

Just to clarify: at 2:02 Fernando is talking about a cartoon depiction of FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem, not the prophet.

Tromis Guerrero says:

Se puede ser mas padre que padronso?? Pregunto eh
Is it possible to be more father than fernando fatheronso?

daft punk says:

she's grill the grid events voice?

Oriana M. Garcia says:

Yuki i love you haha

Julia Gill says:

KMag lowkey can DRAW

Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access says:

*Draws a man with messy hair.

Everyone: "Seb!"

DedMan28 says:

1:14 – The fact that Mick's idea of his boss is a guy with a Haas cap (or probably forehead tattoo, I dunno) flipping the bird… XD

Austin Jacob says:

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Juan Callejas says:

Compilation of alonso saying yuki next vid

Carlukio says:

El padre como dibuja

29 PESOS ⁶₆⁷ says:

Why is nobody talking about leclerc?

Tania says:

Liked by Pedro Gaseoso

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