Marine Biology at Home 3: Basic Oceanography

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The third in the free Marine Biology at Home lecture series, this is a short dive into the deep topic of Oceanography.


Ay O says:

The video is awesome, but the volume is so low it's almost impossible to hear on computer.

Tarra Gainey says:

This sounds like it will be a really fun course to learn from over the summer!! Excited to see what is ahead

Patchified Vlogs says:

Thank you. the audio is a bit low. but thank you sir

Jason Wu says:

This is really really nice, I just can't thank you enough. Keep up the great work!

rifan budi says:

Halocline, barrier between 2 seas, barrier between fresh water and sea water or other similar phenomenon :
Check quran
Sura Al Furqan, chapter 25 verse 53,
sura An Naml, chapter 27 verse 61,
Sura Ar Rahman, chapter 55 verse 19 & 20

Luke Wynne says:

Hello my name is Luke and i'm in pursuit of a career in marine biology, please could anyone tell me of any challenges i might face in the not so distant future ?I am now entering year ten. Thank you .

jace innis says:

Yes this has been really nice for a time when I feel like I have less resources with schools closed.Thank you!

Kamil says:

Thanks a lot for these videos! After you graduate, it is not easy finding free courses to help get work in the Marine Biology Field. Trying to become a whale biologist so anything helps!

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