Cancer Disappears In All Patients During Immunotherapy Drug Trial

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In a new study, all 12 colorectal cancer patients in an immunotherapy drug trial were in complete clinical remission after six months. NBC medical contributor Natalie Azar joins TODAY to discuss what made the treatment so successful.

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Laurent Verpeaux says:

the cure was found many times over and tossed out because it was not generating enough profit. This was aired on French television by a French scientist who spoke after he left his job and is still being played on national tv sometimes. Shame shame shame….im talking over 15 years ago if not 25? He found the cure for breast cancer. You ll find the translation somewhere imsure

Chris Lim says:

Shouldn't this be bigger news than a segment on the Today show…

GCTFilter snake says:

How long until Bug Pharma says "Nope can't have this on the market." and either says "It doesn't work or there's not enough research, won't be out in the next ten years" then when ten years comes around they're push it further and further.

Nicolas Keroack says:

Never tough I would see this day in my lifetime

Fenrir says:

I can already hear the black vans pulling to the creators home

Dustin Bowls says:

Yeah ok it's another variation of anti PD 1 antibody. CTLA-4 and PD 1 blockade is great, with PD 1 usually shown to be more effective, especially in metastatic stage.

Solen Fillatre says:

Why are they saying 100%? They said 16 people with results for 12 people, whatever happened to the 4 missing people? If they did before 6 months, they still should be included, maybe the cure didn't do anything to them, and that's a result in itself.

P B says:

So whose it funded for because a cure for cancer has always existed. We know you've been hiding it

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