FLEX TAPE® Commercial

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The makers of Flex Seal® are proud to present FLEX TAPE®, The new Super Strong and Heavy Duty Tape that even works underwater. A strong rubberized waterproof tape that creates a flexible barrier. It repels water and stops leaks instantly. Triple Thick Tape that can Patch, Bond, Seal & Repair virtually anything. This tough and wide tape comes in Large (4” x 5′), Jumbo (8” x 5’), and Giant (12” x 10’) in Black or White.

FLEX TAPE ® is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything! FLEX TAPE® is specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object! FLEX TAPE® can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry…..even underwater! FLEX TAPE® instantly seals out water, air and moisture to create a super strong, flexible, watertight barrier! FLEX TAPE® is extra wide (4”, 8” & 12”) to quickly cover large cracks, gaps and holes! FLEX TAPE® is UV resistant, environmentally friendly, VOC-free and has a wide temperature range so it can be used in extreme weather conditions!

So Easy To Use! Just Cut, Peel, Stick & Seal!
CUT: Leave backing on tape and cut to desired dimension.
PEEL: Remove backing and apply to a clean surface.
STICK: Press firmly to remove any air pockets or bubbles.
SEAL: FLEX TAPE® creates a super strong bond that seals out water, air and moisture. Once applied, FLEX TAPE® cannot be repositioned.

Excellent for: Roof leaks, gutters, boats, kayaks, personal watercrafts and canoes, rafts, inflatables, air mattresses, outdoor equipment, mobile homes, RV’S & campers, low pressure PVC & plumbing pipes, tents, vinyl awnings, covers and tarps, above ground pools, windows, doors, walls, seams, vents, air ducts, HVAC systems, DIY projects and so much more!


Gandalfwiz2007 says:

I bet you 50$, that after 12 hours, that tape will tear off

Isaac Zais says:

This is actually a amazing product, these kids and new generation are a bunch of morons, but when they actually own something like a house, or learn to work with there hands or fix anything, they will know how stupid they actually are.

Seth Marks says:


Toon Link says:

1:20 “I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF!” Phil Swift, you are a legend.

Koffur says:

Flex tape: the only people in existence who knows they’re a meme and accepts it to the fullest

klaude łukaszewska says:


Ace Beta says:

Came here from inside edition, love how it respectfully embraces the memes and the products are awesome. This is probably the best ad I've seen ever

Trinh Minh says:

Remember, if you get stabbed, use flex tape.

Michael Lightning says:

this one is my favorite 1:17

chicken lover says:

to show you the power of flex tape
"i sawed the earth in half"

Landon White says:

Every gay guy: Ryan Reynolds is so hot.

Me: Is Phil swift single?

baldo nice says:

theres a comercial that is navy seal and they say al the same things and use the same things in there comercial

Dookuology says:

Ah yes, the memeable Flex Tape commercial.

Diego Senge says:


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