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Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 2022 Auditions WEEK 2

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Chia Carlyle says:

Picture perfect!

heather fordham says:

Drake Milligan and his band deserved the gold buzzer and a label contract.

Barbara Walsh says:

Based on the talent from this week, this season will be the best ever.

JH c of d says:

A winning one would be those singing cars, that would be crazy to do that here.

Barbara Walsh says:

Madysen has the AGT factor. The band from TX is great I'd pay to see them.

JH c of d says:

I hope Madison wins it all, that's amazing for her. I'm sure she is so happy, I hope her dad is okay

The last one, sounded almost exactly!!!

Joy Hall says:

AI Simon was awesome!

p says:

Madison was great

Crazy Wolves says:

There's a lot of hate in this world and so many people who performed was amazing and lifted up my spirits

Joseph of Woodland Hills says:

Such amazingly talented people. But I think I like 11 year-old Madison the best. Her rendition of Amazing Grace was amazing.

Patricia Ann Japa says:

But in the Philippines, it's normal day for the singer ☺️

Andi Dang says:

What a sweet girl. I hope she wins the million dollars and her dad is fully healed.

carmen Major says:

That 100% perfect

BL∆CKØUT says:

The second audition was FAKE AS THEY COME, TOTALLY STAGED AND pushed through to the live shows with golden buzze for not apparent reason… So FAKE , disgusting!

Linda Marie says:

i love his singing nice and fast hes great

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