Two more lawsuits will be filed against Deshaun Watson | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Deshaun Watson will soon face his 25th and 26th lawsuits, and with the number of potential future cases unknown, don’t be surprised if the NFL comes down hard on the QB. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #DeshaunWatson
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Two more lawsuits will be filed against Deshaun Watson | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


CJB says:

How can some of these players on the browns team would want to play with DWatson? I know I wouldn’t want to be his teammate. This team will have to rebuild soon anyways, what a waste of money and time and talent.

Nate Wilson says:

Is an indefinite suspension possible?

Yumi Tokushige says:

I wonder how many massage therapists he has encountered. Maybe 66 is not so many. There may be 1,000 or more in total so 66 is only 6.6 percent.

Timothy Norat says:

They should have just been content with Baker Mayfield.

Zen Kobe says:

Florio is fake.. don't settle deshaun. These cases will unravel in court

James Williams says:

They didn't prove anything to the grand juries so STGU!!!!

James Williams says:

These two Creeps

hrebec97 says:

Houston might have the biggest steal trade in the history of the NFL. Multiple draft picks for a player who might not ever set foot on a football field again. The Cleveland Browns just hit a new level of stupidity. They gave him “guaranteed” money. Idiots! More women are going to file. New York Times says 66 different women may file.

Vincent Oravec says:

Florio keeps flogging that "paid leave" dead horse, and its driving him crazy that Goodell hasnt done it yet lmao!

Greg Bozek says:

why settle……if watson just sits for 3 years and there is no risk of injury, and he is getting paid, there is no incentive to settle……and more plantives come forward……great gig……and even better if he believes he is inocent…..

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