35 Hero Animals that Saved Human Lives !

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35 Hero Animals that Saved Human Lives!

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ClientEDITS says:

Half of these were setup. Like a bunch of the people "drowning". Wouldn't the person holding the camera help?

Grant says:

The pig that saved the goat is a well documented hoax that was for a show called Nathan for You… "Interesting facts?" sure lol

Diane Berlin says:

The dog scooting water over the fish was not trying to save it. It was trying to bury it because it smelled bad.

ᴛ ᴇ ᴀ says:

Honestly, the bears are kinda cute

Greg Ulrey says:

Oh hell yeah 4 that one owners by stepping out in the middle of the street 2 stop the truck so he could get help

Bethenny Troncosa says:

If someone broke inside my house my dog will attack him

K9 G says:

staged as hell. Who will record someone drowning and wait for the animal to rescue?

A K. says:

animals should know that it is not worth saving people

James Bond says:

So much bullshit I just couldn't watch

Omar Lopes says:

That's why dog's are my favorite animal in the world they are very smart

007Yoghurt says:

LOL, this dog isn't saving the fish at all, it's just trying to bury it. My dog ​​does this with every treat he gets. 😀

Brightest says:

So many of these are based around anthropomorphism XD. Still fun to watch tho

BakuDeku shipper says:

Im smiling as the videos play 😉

I_kinda_exist says:

I’m starting to think every kind of animal can communicate with one another.

IMVThing77 says:

that snake went bye bye

AngelLestat2 says:

I have to dislike, because 80% of the claims of this video are fake..

wholly mary says:

Animals are smarter than we know just because they don’t speak English doesn’t mean they are stupid

Christos says:

Nice although most are staged. "Saved human lives" is deceptive. Like serious;y? People are drowning and somebody is taking a video? Or a burglar is in the house beating the lady and somebody is there with their phone? The dogs' reactions are genuine though and nice to see.

floof says:

0:35 the snake be flying

D says:

He said the lil dog bravely defended the owner from the coyote.. HE MUST BE BLIND

christin friel says:

Most of these are so fake

i like watermelon says:

0:47 the girl an L just leaving her dog there idc whats attacking im always putting my pets first

Archit T says:


McDinkledorf M.D says:

Goat in the water. Nathan for you

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