White House holds briefing after Jan. 6 hearing focuses on Trump's false election claims

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answered questions about President Biden’s possible visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel next month, the Senate’s bipartisan gun deal and more during a briefing on Tuesday.

#WhiteHouse #January6 #CapitolRiot

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James Isaacs says:

Keep defunding the police if the news media is going after juvenile records. Sue alex jones for leading the charge on the kids.

Justin Case says:

Yeah, she said "this is historic" … YES EVERYTHING this administration does becomes "Historic" and for the wrong reasons. Worse president and administration ever, that's definitely Historical. Worse economy.. Historical.,
Lowest approval rating.. Historical. They will definitely write history books on this circus.

Isa Conner says:

The American people are suffering, Rent Prices are the Highest since 1987, we have the Highest INFLATION in 41 years, we are heading towards a RECESSION! Food Prices are the highest in 43 years, there is Food shortages, Baby Formulas shortage! The Highest gas prices in history! And Biden doesn't give a DAMN about the American people???? And he destroyed Oil Production in the USA, Under President Trump we didn't have INFLATION, we were paying $1.87 per gallon of gas, we had savings to go on vacations, not ANYMORE, we were Oil independent, not anymore. And now Biden is Begging the SAUDIS,, IRAN, Venezuela, all authoritarian communists country for Oil, what a JOKE???? Everything Biden touches goes to CRAP, and the American people are paying the Prices…… VOTE them OUT OUT OUT FOREVER, and that's the Truth…….The American people don't Deserve to be suffering…… Period!

Isa Conner says:

I am not watching this January 6 Hearing, this Hearing is a Sham Theater Hearing! Under the Rules of Law, a Lawful Hearing has the opposing Party Participating, there is Due Process for everyone, and Pelosi would be testifying since she was in charge of Protecting the Capitol! In this SHAM Hearing, there is No Due Process, the opposing Party is NOT Participating, and Pelosi is not testifyng! Under the Rules of Law in OUR country these things need to happen, until we have a Lawful Hearing, until then, we won't be watching……. Period!

Durango McMurphy says:

Watch 2000 Mules . The Democrats are bat s*it crazy .

Anthony Martinez says:

Lies tell me sweet little lies tell me tell me lies

Jazmin’s Dance | Centaura says:

Again! Liar!

Nathan Dundore says:

She talks fast and falters because she is afraid. She is no orator. She won't last.

Travis Jacques says:

I have to say this, all of you saying democracy this democracy that we were never a democracy we have always been a constitutional republic, maybe if you learned that basic thing we wouldn't call you sheep all the time.

Patricia Johnson says:

Americans Voters Vote Republicans in, and Democrat in. It's your responsibility to Vote them out. No more blame game. Get off your rear end, and change your circumstances.

Patricia Johnson says:

Just as gun control laws. VOTERS Shall be held accountable to their families. Mass shootings We Americans can do something by changing their minds and Votes.

Patricia Johnson says:

Everyone Voters had to keep facts in the news.

Jim Davis says:

She acts like G W Bush.

I like turttles says:

The comments give me hope that our country is gonna be ok

Kelvin Whaley says:

Don't forget May, 29 2020

Robert Moir says:

What a waste ! Also just a scam

james joste says:

I’m kind of curious why all these senators on the board voted to pitch Trump that seems like a kangaroo court to be fair why don’t you put Jim Jordan on there or Josh Holly this is not being about fair this is about trying to get rid of The true President Trump you are as you’re a convict him no matter what you’re running this court like the king queen days ancient times this is not a fair trial trial

cjmerobot says:

Or current White House makes false election claims.

FrancoMon Cama says:

J6 the clowns show

Sagebrush says:

Its fun watching the sheep get led to slaughter because they fail to take ownership over their own sovereignty.

Rumble Budgie says:

All these fools have proven is their own ineptitude.

Troy Aebel says:

The Democratic Party can’t show us 81 million legal votes and no matter how much they scrub the internet we all saw illegal activity #The 10 Commandments

watchwinder says:

Pierre's body language tells us she's stressed out of her mind.

Carlos Danger says:

Border crisis, Afghanistan crisis, Inflation, Spiking gas, Bad economy.. It's safe to say that Joe Biden is the worst president in history!!

Dan Shanks says:

fake news and fake story. Trump 2024

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