Our Longing For Cosmic Truth and Poetic Beauty | Maria Popova | TED

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Linking together the histories of Henrietta Swan Leavitt, Edwin Hubble and Tracy K. Smith, poet and thinker Maria Popova crafts an astonishing story of how humanity came to see the edge of the observable universe. (Followed by an animated excerpt of “My God, It’s Full of Stars,” by Tracy K. Smith)

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Divine Recipes says:

true inspiring words

Bruce Barton says:


Chris The Impaler The Impaler says:

The ancient Greeks spoke of the nine muses: daughters of Zeus who graced humanity with gifts from mount Olympus itself. Great art, music, literature and philosophy were attributed to these divine beings, the most notable of their beneficiaries being Homer, the author of the Iliad, Dante the poet who composed the Purgatario and Shakespeare who himself invoked the muses in Henry V. I confess I haven't read much Shakespeare or Dante; I did enjoy Hollywood's abridged version of the Iliad, the blockbuster Troy but I resolutely believe I have had the privilege of meeting the eldest of the nine muses, Calliope.

The most beautiful of them all, Calliope is acclaimed as the muse of epic poetry and eloquence, both arts I had no particular fondness for. And then three years ago, she waltzed into my life: humble, beautiful, cultured, exotic, introducing me to classical music like Albinoni's Adagio in G minor and the thunderous Carmina Burana set to music by Carl Orff. An artist, she filled my world with her latest creations which made me resolve then and there that I would never settle for anyone other than a creative.

Time flew by in her company and every moment was surreal, bordering on sublime. A teetotaller, like myself, her highs were triggered by creativity, music and being in the mountains. One night, googling new names of stars to affectionately address her by, I stumbled upon Arcturus, and the related Arcturian Prophecies, a new age work from a Californian native that has a near-cult following. The book proposes that seventh dimensional beings are continually broadcasting pearls of wisdom to earth, which have brought about evolution. These noble beings find suitable residents of this nascent planet and fill them with an intense love for preservation of their land.

What ensued were spirited discussions on how earth is being primed for the extinction of war, a time where prolific creativity, boundless peace and universal brotherhood is the only wealth strived for. All of a sudden, I started to write verse after spending time with her..abstract, unrelated, poetic verse. It made no sense whatsoever, it was just my fingers doing all the work, with no input from my mind. It was only after she took her leave that I started to notice an end to my explosive creative streak. A Google image search into muses revealed an ancient statue of Calliope, with the exact pose that had endeared me to her spirit: a delightful finger on her chin.

Goa is home to divinity; she is as the protagonist in the Pulitzer winning classic 'To kill a mockingbird' states: "Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird; They don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy and sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird"

Yam Yefet says:

the size of the universe is an illusion, meant to give mankind a sense of freedom, that's all ima gonna say …. However, there are more than one universes in the multiverse, each guided by different species (humanity, etc)

Prescription J. says:

Ted talks?????
A platform of wealthy people scratching each other's back with Neverending salespeople of lectures on complete bullshit or common knowledge.

This platform is a biased joke…

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Lingkun Young says:

What is the BGM of the last video

Carmella vlogg says:


xadicha2466 says:

Very good . Thanks

Psivast says:

I hope our quest to explore and understand the heavens…won't just expand our view of it, but will change us…for the better.

Toni says:

Oh thank you. It brought me to tears again and again.

Greenbean Casserole says:

The drum was a bit distracting for me, but good video!

Life according to me. says:

Perfect presentation. Such a good TED talk.

Willful Mystic says:

We're on the cusp of a Scientific Revolution and change in Consciousness of the Universe. The expanding universe model will be replaced by a non-bounded, non-static, non-steady state Cosmology with no beginning and no end.

Nemesis Brzeczyszczykiewicz says:

Propaganda crud. Let’s ask this lady to explain how gravity works physically and mathematically.

level Joe says:

She assumed that she wanted the ability to vote. Not all women did at that time.
if she did, her own words should have been used, not yours.

Taivanbat Ariunbold says:

Love Brian Pickings, The Marginilian!

Mickey Cavalier says:

lovely work! Outstanding!

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