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Unity in the face of aggression is a sentiment EU member states stressed over and over again when Russian troops first invaded Ukraine. But that unity developed cracks when it came to the specifics – how to punish Putin and his allies? How to best support Ukraine? Now, over a hundred days into the war, the positions keep drifting apart, as Christine Mhundwa reports.
The European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen made a surprise visit to Kyiv for talks with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
They focused on Ukraine’s bid to join the European Union. Kyiv submitted its membership application back in March. Brussels is set to publish its final assessment next week. Von der Leyen says the commission is working all-out to facilitate the process.


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Jon Venzuela says:

Meaningful negotiations will only be possible if Ukraine is able to defend itself. Send more weapons and hopefully more foreign fighters volunteer.

Max Smith says:

if they are on the same page, they are on different ends of it.

in the words of Stalin – quantity is a quality in itself


OMG Austin say imperialism, did he just say that ? Doesn't he realize that Africa has been invaded by European imperialism all over the world.


Putin won this war , defeating Ukraine, NATO the EE.UU plus UK. The biggest lost . Even if Ukraine join NATO no NATO country would get in to remove Putin army out of Ukraine.

George Bodley says:

Yeah both screwed

Revelation 1:8 says:

So many citizen scarify how long EU just keep silence

Doug Wedel says:

We keep coming back to the phrase existential threat for Russia. Now, it's a question of if they give up Crimea or not. Russia needs to consider they are an existential threat to Ukraine and have been for a long time.

Joe brandon says:

Russia will eventually take control, so why would you let your people die for a lost cause, in the end, Volodymyr Zelenskyy will retire to the U.S and leave his people behind to face the consequences with the blessing and billions of dollars American taxpayers have sent to Ukraine via Joe Biden to help the so-called war effort. If you ask me most of that money was hush money because Zelenskyy has the goods on the Biden's corrupt dealings within Ukraine.

Chris Viking says:

Even without a united EU, what help have individual EU countries given Ukraine? Token support at best. Europe can not keep relying on the UK to defend it. They need to get their bloody act together!

Chris Viking says:

The EU has been pathetic throughout. When will the EU grow some balls? I can see why the UK left.

Ruzbihan says:

We never saw these international supports when US was invading small countries after small countries in the middle east…

sEnz8502 says:

There wouldnt be much collective casualties if those civilians were allowed to leave in the first place

sEnz8502 says:

Palestinian didn't beg for weapon…they continue their fight with stone and sandal. Buck up guy

sEnz8502 says:

the EU are united on the objective to weaken Russia using Ukrainian soil and their people. the war must go on as long as possible

Rui Zhang says:

The Unity is among those pro-war leaders, I think people may think different.

Jul Ksrain says:

Call amnesty international about ai have very important about terilion life

Sandpiper 20 says:

Didn't take long did it, spineless and weak, why should Ukraine give part of their Country ffs, should Russia be rewarded, bunch of cowards…
Abdolutely shocking that some countries say, " nothing to do with us" shame on you…..

dk RaWk says:

What eu and ukriane???
What delusional unity?
Punishing Putin by making people I europe starve and live on streets?

Бастэр Бумбак says:

Europeans always have unwashed hair

1935rmb says:

As an American I am NOT impressed with Europeans.

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