China's latest Wuhan virus outbreak: 10 Chinese cities under lockdown | World News | WION

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China has reported new cases, many Chinese cities are under lockdown. Are we looking at another global wave of coronavirus cases?

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3737373738 says:

They started this covid, now take it & like it.

Danny Covarrubias says:

There creating new illnesses

Diana Rodriguez says:

Damn! China virus

Raymod G. says:

I tried warning the kids but they won't listen. Karen's gonna get all the kids killed

Donamel Lumagui says:

Since you made it. Please keep it to yourself and don't spread it to other countries. Enough of your viruses.

Carie Young says:

The Chinese CCp are absolute morons- this virus will continue to circulate until we build up enough immunity- or people die from it- just like the flu. Lockdowns, masks and vaccines do not work!

Lol Lol says:

That so serious… should lockdown longer best forever so this virus will no longer manage leak out to the world again…

dhiel guintu says:

hopefully it will spread all over the world

František Mlynar says:

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Alv Productions says:

The problem is this Chinese government doest shut down all those markets that sell animal meat that isn't good can't believe this bs so the world again is gona have to go thru this and loose people all over rhe world because China can't control there bs

Stephen Turner says:

This time keep it there , no people to leave that country

anna olivar says:

They will die don't spread in other country we are tired of this fucking virus china always made virus and spread around the world

Ray Tewell says:

Now would be a good time to quit buying Chinese product. Xi can't understand He needs to divorce Putin.

炎黃世胄 the Great Wall says:


ShootNPissUrSelf says:

Just keep China away from everyone. Problem solved

Allen Reeder says:

It's only because they didn't report them before, and no one's vaccine has worked against the bullshit virus , maybe you should just get a flu shot since that's what it is THE FLU

Stay Blessed says:

Shutdown flights from china to any country in the world.

sophie janer says:

Ok it originated in china now it’s back to china!

O Sunday says:

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Abigail Christ says:

All thanks to Dr Itepu on YouTube for helping me to get rid of my HSV1 &2, may God strength you sir

DOPE says:

What's her name??

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