Las Vegas doctor treating breast cancer without chemotherapy

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A local doctor is part of a new break through in breast cancer treatment. The result is, Dr. Russell Gollard won’t have to use chemotherapy on his patients as much anymore.


Ana Hilson says:

All thanks to Dr.Ayomede who helped me with his great herbal supplement in eradicating my Hepatitis B, permanently I will forever be grateful to you

Tiffanie Gray says:

I don't understand. How and where did it come back at if she had a double mastectomy?


This only for people with stage 1 breast cancer..Once it spreads, chemo is necessary… It's not as bad as people think it is . Too many weaklings out there…If you need chemo then get it!! The only thing you should worry about are the consequences from NOT taking chemo.

D Prince says:

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer has been a major loss of money and has caused major problems in my wife immune system,but when I came across Dr. Osaka on YouTube Channel and he recommended his herbal medicine my wife got completely cured for my her Breast CANCER.

Caterina Razor says:

That's fucking amazing

Kevin Anaks says:

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Cumming Kerry says:

Herbal treatment is 100% guarantee for cancer cure, the reason why most people are finding it difficult to cure cancer is because they believe on medical report, drugs and medical treatment which is not helpful to cure cancer. Natural roots & herbs are the best remedy which can easily eradicate cancer forever without reversing back for more information about cancer cure and other diseases please contact Dr Aliyu

Cumming Kerry says:

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Cumming Kerry says:

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W. George says:

For over 6 months my wife kept on complaining about indigestion, bloating and her inability to pass stool. I believe it was just constipation because we all do have this symptoms sometimes in our life. It went on for months and when her stool became black with pains around her abdomen, we knew we had to see the doctor. An ultra sound and colonscopy was carried out and then we had the shock of our lives, she was has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to her liver already.
She rushed into treatment and she was already into 2 rounds of Chemo when her body couldn't take it anymore.
I resulted to cannabis oil, black seed, dandelion root, essaic tea and any supplement I could lay my hands on just to give her more quality of life but they only stable her condition.
A friend of ours that went over to Mexico for alternative treatment for her breast cancer told us how effective it was and gave us the info of the herbalist that cured her.
I contacted the Traditional Holistic herbalist without any real faith honestly because I knew we were losing this battle. He first of all changed her diets weekly and sent us his herbal Apollo oil and tea (doesn't contain any cannabis). It's been over 11 months since my wife used these herbs and every symptoms are gone. We did some scans and colonscopy and the oncologist declare her NED!
I know conventional treatment has helped some people but i can boldly claim and say I have witness the miracles of alternative meds. These herbs are the closets thing to a cure from my own experience. In the end I see no harm in trying from all angles to align your body to be strongest in assisting and fighting this horrible disease. His contact data is:
My wife is a survivor, and I know she'll stay this way for a long time. I'm now a believer of alternative medicine.

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