How to Make an App [in 2022]

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How to Make an App? In this video, we look at how you can get started building an app in 2022. I’m going to show you what exact 3 steps you need to take to get started. From Idea to an App in 2022.

In the third and final step in this video, we look at how you actually start building, even if you’re not a tech person. Things have changed a lot in the last few years and a non-technical person, so someone who is not a developer can actually create an app without writing a single line of code!

We have a special guest in Michael Ionita who is a CTO & No-Code Expert and he will give us very clear direction on how to get started.

Michael Ionita’s Channel on YouTube:

Mockup Tools:

No-Code Tools and Education:
Adalo –
Flutterflow –
Draftbit –
Makerpad –

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Doomsday ツ says:

i need someone to build an app!

Nerdnalist 1 says:

I stopped watching this video as soon as you started talking about the “sanity check”. Plenty of crazy people have a good business ideas and plenty of sane people have shitty ones. If you think it’s good, just build it folks. Instagram started out as an app that me pictures sepia tone. That’s really all it did at first. No social media dimension, no influencers and certainly no marketing. Yeah, if you made cars for a living people would walk over to you and tell you about car ideas. You folks should have a “moron check” on how your script reads before you go to video.

E.P. Manne says:

This isn't how to make an app. This is how to SELL an app. Who's the title guy?

POWvi says:

Such a great video. I have an idea for a video streaming app. Any tips on where to start?

BanglaCamp says:

really like the presentation, great job

Michael Hughes says:

Nice to see Pep Guardiola has a sideline.

Acacius says:

Thank you for this amazing video.

william sewell says:

We should do a work shop….interested?

Zen Music says:

Do the apps still work if one decides to cancel the $50 dollar a month subscription plan with Adalo since the data of the app is stored on their platform or does one have to continually pay the monthly subscription to keep the apps working?

Michele Foreman says:

I have a idea for an app that I've been thinking about for years. There are similar apps but nothing like my idea. I know exactly what I would want it to do and know it would solve a problem and answer questions to a certain group of people. How do I find someone to help me make the app and how can I protect myself from someone stealing my idea?

deborah barnes says:

You take a long time to get to the point

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