How to do INTERMITTENT FASTING the right way and LOSE WEIGHT!

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Intermittent fasting is the new eating plan that everyone is talking about. But there’s a lot you need to know before you start. How do you do it the RIGHT way for real results? I spoke to intermittent fasting expert Dr. Michael Crupain and even gave it a try myself. You won’t believe the results!


Rhonda Ramirez says:

My window is at 8:16 . Beginner. I don’t understand it . So I stop eatting after 8pm until the next day after the 16 hours . Right?

Jori & Family says:

I am starting today August 30, 2021. Will let u know my results

Saad Chahwan says:

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Chrissy P says:

Wait how many days a week do you fast?

knight Raider says:

Yea definitely dont just eat whatever! Get in your macros and definitely avoid junk food an all that sugar. Everyone check out Dr.Bergs channel and also maybe, Thomas delauer and also fledgefitness on here youtube

Melissa Wilcox says:

I have been doing research on this!! Thanks for sharing!

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