Advertising and Propaganda Techniques

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How do advertisers actually seek to persuade us? Watch on to see a group of emotional and logical appeals common to acts of persuasion, advertising, and propaganda.


Laura Tempestini says:

Can you address techniques used when a person presents an opposing view. Knowing this would take the surprise of the attacks by people when presenting a contrary view.

Badoodle the noodle says:

this is actually really interesting! Thank you! You made me understand my lesson better 🙂

NYCBG says:

My only criticism is with using the well known testimonial technique as an example of "Ethical appeal". There is nothing ethical about, for example, Shaq promoting an insurance company – that's still the good old Testimonial technique. Ethical appeal means promoting a product or service that is supposed to make you, the consumer, feel that by buying it you are doing some "greater good". Like, becoming a supporting member of an organization like ASPCA, UNICEF, The Hunger Project, etc. Or that a certain % of the sales of a product goes to support a good cause.
Which is not to be confused with testimonial endorsements in the sense that a celebrity is using the advertised product.

Trisha Mae Fulio says:

Thank you so mcuh

Jonathan Jollimore says:

Repetition works people keep seeing same messages over and over and over and mind start writing it down with more pathways in the brain so it sticks.

जनसंचार journalism says:

I saw many video about this topic but your video is super i like it … thank you for thi i am from india

MARZHY_cheey says:

thank you i will now spread communist propoganda/j

mckou 15 says:

Yes, I see that you want us to believe that only one side of the political spectrum is to be considered "propaganda". Does that fall under the ignorance of the propagandist, or the belief by the propagandist in the foolishness of their audience.

Pixie E. says:

I have to watch this because of school

King DC says:

here because of school SMH

waqas kayani says:

WOW. GREAT GREAT loved it.

piecesofme says:

2020 brought me here.

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