30 Days of KETO | KETO & BREASTFEEDING | -10 Pounds | Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

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I did it. I stuck it out and became committed to Keto and I am so freaking happy and proud of myself!! I am so happy to say I LOVE KETO. In today’s video I am sharing all my first months experience on Keto. I hope you’re enjoying this lifestyle change with me because this is only the beginning.

Show up for yourself today and keep doing it!

Keto and breastfeeding
Keto for weightless
Keto postpartum


Nikki Cruz says:

I thought this was gonna be more of like maybe pictures of exactly what your meals were for 30 days on keto or maybe pictures of exactly how much you were able to pump nine minutes in and I’m still like this is just a lot of rambling you repeat yourself a lot no hate at all I mean I won’t click off I will continue to listen to the rest of this video but I’m sure hoping you get to the point soon

Mustafa Yilmazer says:

Agoge Diet has a complete guide that will help you transform your got a personalized meal plan for 28 days which contains only food that I have provided me with a complete diet plan for 30 days with a training plan included and I finally started seeing results.

N Martinez says:

Help me start my journey

hetrec dumangez says:

From my own experience, do not start the keto diet. It is just so hard on the body and outright dangerous. Listen to your doctors. I tried the Agoge diet and I lost so much of that persistent belly fat.

Amrita Vadhera says:

How many net carbs per day did you stick with? I see a lot of conflicting info online suggesting 50g but then others say as low as 20g is OK without compromising on milk supply. Please advise!!

Jeh To says:

Subscribe after just the first 10 words or so! I’m all in! Day 0! 3m pp rd baby 31yo 162lbs today 120 as WLG!

Princess Amaris Israel says:

Try waist beads! So you don’t have to weight yourself often

Crystal Cuellar says:

You look Amazing, and I love your makeup! You look so pretty! Can you make a video of what you eat in a day?

Luisa V. says:

Hola Judy, looking fabulous hun.

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