We solved nuclear waste decades ago

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Kyle Hill says:

Thanks for watching! Proud of this one — I hope it’s educational and entertaining enough to share.

Djinn-1 says:

Waste storage does not = "solved".

Kaberial says:

sucks for people in the future. It look like Fallout will happen. XD

DÆMON says:

I lived in Seoul for two years. The worst AQI in US cities was just a normal day there. It was honestly kind of shocking how the pollution affected you too. Nausea, lethargy, dizziness etc.

DÆMON says:

I have said to so many proponents of renewables that nuclear is the key to transitioning from Fossil fuels to renewable. They won't hear it. Like everything now, everyone's passionate and angry and has no idea what they're talking about.

Kevin Lowe says:

Thats how it is. If its agianst the oil companies it will be shot down. But oil runs out eventaully.

Tee says:

“Like people actually sit at home in jeans and jackets”

**glances down

Heh… right… those idiots

Super Coffeemug says:

You couldnt stay more than 5 minutes in Chernobyl without dying.

Microwavedcaprisun says:

i used to hate nuclear energy but i now realize this can litterally help stop mass pollution (or until we get mass produced solar cars)

Mistah MegaManFan says:

I’ve been saying nuclear power is cleaner than fossil fuels for a quarter of a century but nobody is willing to listen. I hope your presentation changes a few hearts and minds. With our current increase in power needs it’s our only hope for generating what we need. Fossil fuels will run out even if they weren’t a polluting nightmare.

Unicorn-Town-Going-Down says:

I'm not worried about the science- I know we can do it. My worry is what you didn't talk about, the im properly managed waste. Private companies cut cost, often resulting in shit like the oil spill in the gulf, or PG&E's fires in California. And governments are corrupt, or held back by bureaucracy, or change. In complex systems, things go missing. I trust the science, I don't trust *people*. And I'm not just talking about unstable countries like the Soviet Union, either. Look at Japan: the Fukushima disaster happened in part because safety concerns were ignored. The US makes mistakes all the time. And China: sure, there haven't been any major incidents yet, but this time last year, we were all freaking out about possible leaks. And their reactors currently only account for 5% of their total energy usage. Are you comfortable with China increasing their reactors from 53 to over 1,000?

What scientists discover only hold true in a vacuum devoid of human interference and inadequacies. When the force being used is so powerful, we have to be extremely cautious, and make sure our systems don't allow for human error or neglect.

SaltySarge says:

The biggest problem is the fuel rods that must be cooled or they will melt and when they hit ground water explode. Insta grid ever goes down as an EMP from nature or from man there will be massive radiation poisoning at these sites.

SaltySarge says:

What about Fukushima and Chernobyl and 3 mile island?

Holden Hockman says:

Are there any nuclear companies I can invest in? Very interested.

MADMATT3357 says:

All you have to do is look to France. Say what you want about those frogs, but they are 80% Nuclear and doing just fine.

Mike D says:

If there is no chance of me becoming Spider Man or Hulk, then I need to get my resume back……
And thanks for killing my dream!

andy m. smith says:

Tell it to nuclear waste site in Hazelwood mo. Bridgeton mo.

Subversive Intentions says:

Good luck convincing environmentalist. Watch Michael Moore's last documentary. They are double-digit IQ hippies in the pocket of big oil who's biggest mission right now is opening wood-fired power plants. They ruined it for nuclear in the 70's and it's been downhill since. Use less facts and more emotion with religious zeal if you want to capture them.

Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures says:

Personally I think Nuclear power is the way of the future, there is nothing else (yet) that is going to meet the ever increasing energy demands of this planet and regardless of what anyone thinks or does we will continue to use fossil fuels until there is none left to use.

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