Al Gore – The Climate Reality Project and “24 Hours of Reality” | The Daily Show

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Al Gore discusses his special “24 Hours of Reality,” responds to President Trump’s comments about the environment and explains why the U.S needs to take a leading role in fighting climate change.

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Rocco Howell says:

You noticed the respect they give to people like Al Gore, and Barrack Obama then not to Trump? Why is that lol?

Nicky R says:

Every one should drive an electric car, solar panels should be in ever building and ever state and country should own a dam and windmills. For new laws.

False Progress says:

I respected Al Gore before he sold out to industrial wind power and minimized the vital role of small-footprint nuclear power. It's dystopian to see the most visible form of energy sprawl sold as "good for the planet" in a narrow context. On top of that, Big Wind requires large volumes of fossil fuels for its existence and backup power (usually gas). There's no evidence that it can ever replace the fuels that build it, but it's tainting millions of acres of scenery, killing birds, bats & insects, and driving rural people from their homes w/noise. See:

Frank Roman says:

its time to get cereal

JoelDS says:

All of Gore's climate predictions must have been erroneously reported in the press. If not, any such predictions should be dismissed, for the Arctic still contains a large ice sheet, and lower Manhattan looks the same as 50 years ago. If the national issue is about reducing fossil fuels as a national energy source, then state so directly. Do not use the false climate change scenario as an excuse.

Dennis Vickers says:

A hundred million tons of CO2 how many times you going to keep repeating that Al Gore

Pierre Dippenaar says:

Well making fun of Trump about the global warming and people think he may be stupid because of that, no, global warming is the biggest hoax ever, it is scientifically incorrect, it is also morally incorrect and although I am not American, I take my hat off to him for standing up against this nonsense and saying it as it is, global warming is a lot of crock

teabee says:


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