Treating nocturnal panic attacks

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Dr. Asha Jaleel joins us to tell us what you can do to treat nocturnal panic attacks.


Connor Nye says:

It almost feels like a really heavy weight on my brain followed by the feeling of a seizure. And an uncomfortable urge of fear like I’m gonna die and I can’t do anything about it. Does anyone else have these symptoms?

Kelvin L Love Jr says:

Yeah I really don't like how joking and comical these women are making this. Anyone who is going thru this isn't clicking on this video for a laugh. Be serious!!

DGH says:

Magnesium, deep breathing, drinking water, walk around helps me. Stress during the day show up at night. Try not stress during the day.

RILLA says:

Everyone who has nocturnal panick attacks should also go for a sleep study to make sure they don't have sleep apnea. It happens to me. I jerk awake and it sucks. But, I didn't notice i gasped awake either. I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Cassandra Gajadhar says:

I found this very insensitive to make jokes about this serious topic. Clearly she never experienced a panic attack, only read about it probably.

Malou Sales Malou says:

It was scary i have it and does breathing exercise and xanax

The Intellectuals Study Circle says:

To me it happens 2 to 3 minutes of sleep

Jude Burge says:

I’ve been having bad anxiety recently and have noticed this keeps happening to me, but it’s almost like I’m not panicking over anything, I just feel myself getting super heavy and it’s like I’m just shaking and I’m awake but also like I’m not awake, it’s been making me think I’m crazy and that I might’ve been imagining it in dreams, because I’ll wake up from my dreams, that at the moment just seem to be absolutely crazy and lucid , and once I legit thought I was dying I was moving so slow, all though I didn’t seem too panicked but my body had the symptoms of it, I had turned over, which felt like for forever to do, because I thought I had maybe wrapped my phone charger around my neck, when I had turned over it had stopped and then I went back to sleep, the next day I couldn’t tell if it was a dream and had made it up, like idk what’s going on

Black Hole says:

It always happens to me within 1.5- 2 hours of falling asleep. I suddenly wake up, sometimes not even knowing who I am, with fast heartbeat and trembling from the inside out. I feel the urge of standing up, and there’s when the panic kicks in. I feel claustrophobic, like trapped in my body. Everywhere I look triggers me more panic. Feel like if I want to escape but I can’t. Feels like the feeling is going to last forever. No coping mechanism works. Feels like I can’t see, but I can see. Feels like eternal suffering. But then it goes away, and I feel stupid. However, it becomes my greatest fear to go to sleep. I can control and avoid anxiety and panic attacks while awake. I learned to do it without medications, since I was 11 years old. But I can’t control it when it happens while I’m asleep. It’s horrifying. It’s like im not part of my body and everything I look makes me suffer, even my hands.

I hope everyone gets healthier and happier by the day.

Jonathan Brown says:

TV for women


Can this be Alcohol related?…

KidInferno says:

I’ve had these since I was a Child, but for some reason they are happening much more now that I am an adult. I wake up having no idea what is happening or who I am while my entire body is soaked in sweat. I have to get up and go walk around and call a friend to make the derealization go away. It is seriously the most terrifying thing that has happened to me and continues to happen every night almost . It’s ruining my life.

Patrick Handlovsky says:

This is not to be made fun of – this is a horrible thing to live with believe me – really scary. When I get one at night, I start praying to God and just trying to turn off the fear response. I have a system now and thankfully it works : )

Tasha Denise says:

I am suffering from this

Nicole says:

I have this very often and I hate it. It started 2 years after I reached 40 yrs old. I always wake up around 2 or 3 am with a attack and my heart beat is over 100.

Antisocial Monk says:

I wake up in the pitch dark with no feeling in my right arm and left leg, face numb and like I'm about to pass out. It's terrifying.

Andrew Hedlund says:

Sleep apnea probably

Momo Cisneros says:

Just has one…happens every few months n my heart feels like it’s gonna pop! N just dizzy n just scared imma die

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