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While Ankara is advancing its Syrian motive, Russia has warned Turkiye against Syrian offensive. Russia’s foreign affairs ministry said we hope that Ankara will refrain from actions that could dangerously deteriorate the already difficult situation in Syria.

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Voth Betilia says:

The amount of hypocrisy is unreal right now like holy shit. Russia telling not to invade, meanwhile casually invading Ukraine because yes. And the U.S being the U.S money and complaining.

our planet says:

When every thing fails they will tak yo to war

Ja Sc says:

Turkey has huge economical problems. So like every autocracy in trouble, it tries to go to war. A lot of fun in perspective viewed from the western perspective.

TGamer Boss says:

Wonder if Turkey see Syria as sovereignty since there closely connected.

Udayakumar Nair says:

Erdogan is asking for trouble taking advantage of Russian and Ukraine war.

meyer gaelle says:

Why would turks attack Syria??
Well putin will settle down the matter

Jorge Garcia says:

Great article, but, please, please, don't get on this "Türkiye" name for Turkey bandwagon. It is beyond-woke political nonsense. In English we call that country by its English name, Turkey, and there is nothing wrong with that. We don't call Spain "España", Finland "Suomi" or Germany "Deutschland" when we speak in English, unless we are codeswitching. Turkey, Turkey!

Yo-Yo- Wallkski says:

Hitler 2.0 said he didn't want Nato moving east so he went west to save the Ukraine from Nazi's !! well we all can see not enough Nazi's in the Ukraine to get upset about what I think Mini H man really was upset about is how back when the Ukraine tossed out Poo-tins puppet regime ! Oh that former Ukraine president lives in Moscow.

Eric Green says:

The military industry complex is cranking it up. Sales Sales Sales

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