COVID-19 Update: Europe worst hit by Omicron variant spread| France reports over 100,000 daily cases

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In the run-up of the new year’s eve concerns are increasing over the Omicron variant and rising COVID-19 cases. The continent of Europe is the worst hit by the spread of the new variant. WION tells you more in this report.

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Ruvane H. Friebus says:

Yeah probably because it's European

Mats Svensson says:

A new study published on the preprint server bioRxiv assesses the antiviral activity of stenoparib against four severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) variants of concern (VOCs). This study also focuses on the inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 Alpha variant by a combination of stenoparib and remdesivir.

The researchers of the current study also evaluated the inhibitory action of a combination of stenoparib and remdesivir against the Alpha variant. When combined, the drugs acted synergistically and plaque inhibition increased to over 90%

Gecko says:

Okay Wion Game Set Match!!………'s your Information!…..does it get any better than this?

Youtube: Vitamin D in Israel…..Dt. John Campbell and Dr. Mike Cohen ..Duration ….41 Minutes and have a listen too that!! Now ya got a chance India!!…..and if that isn't good enough for ya BOOM!! have a listen too this one……

.Youtube: Virus Crazy Sugar Tricks- Covid-19 from Merogenomics Dec 30 2021 Duration: 15:08……now it's gonna start making sense…too a lot of people in various Countries……don't thank me…….these are your hardworking people …..who try to save you!!….. have a nice day/2022!

HarryN says:

So France reports 100.000 daily cases!!! My question: Where are all those " contaminated " people? are they all in hospital ? are they dead already? After this fearmongering news we hear nothing anymore!!! It is possibly to force people into jabbing but use your common sense:
There is no new vaccin against OmiCON!. They still want to jab you with the old " vaccin" which is within 6 months ineffective!! but does not work against any new variant.

Mr Observer says:

Do these travel restrictions apply to the migrants crossing the channel in boats and if they do who if anyone is enforcing them?

Global One Music says:

And the feer monguring brings in the New Year. The U.S. reports state: "Experts warn Omicron 'blizzard' to disrupt U.S. for next month". So, "they" need another extra month to finalize "their plans" and agreements between countries for controlling the movement of people, etc. And then, on schedule (every two months or so), there will be another variant so they can make another push to fulfill their inventory "sales quota".
Happy New Year Everyone. This IS going to get "good". 🙂

Pavel says:

its time to catch all the goverment and make them vakcine shot everyday

Nicki N says:

Ivermectin allowed in Japan. Cases way down. Latest: Japan places myocarditis warning on 'vaccines'!!! Hallelujah for transparency and protecting ones people! Where the you make profit when the people are healthy and so the incentive is to keep people healthy! Unlike some other countries who make billion off of the sick…what you think they want to keep you healthy when the opposite for them is true! Big pharma are starting to be pursued and sued.

Global One Music says:

This is getting better by the day. 🙂 It was reported today that a "New and rare fungal
infection" was "discovered" in Salem, Oregon. Apparently, "they" are running out of
"variants" and now sppook people with a new "cootie". Do they really think most people are going to fall for this ? 🙂 And it happened . right..before . the New Year. Do not even think that this was "by accident". Just wait until Monday when the New Year gets a real "fresh start" of fear, fear and more fear (at least for the weak who don't know better). An opinion…..stay out of the markets. Just sit back and watch them destroy everything in every developed nation in the world. The people who are behind this will find themselves at the "bottom rung" of the totem pole. "The Trouble They Cause Will Recoil On Themselves". Happy New Year. 🙂

Ivanov Paul says:


Louis That guy says:

Does anyone even get the old variant lately? it's like it died… just saying… that should be a headline

Ricardo Baja says:

Vitamins and hot chicken soup, us ginger ale….sleep well. And omicron dies

Shantie Maharaj says:

Because a lot of Europe resisted China ccp and jinping only usa didn’t and now ccp feel dey have to say dey r hit by it people r not

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