CDC: 82 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine went to waste

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The wasted doses include some that expired before they could be used. Others were tossed at the end of the day when no one wanted the last few doses in an open vial.


lee jay Funk says:

Nah they were bought by the American ppl. So they weren’t wasted for the manufacture lmao

Bookhermit says:

So stop trying to vaccinate people who don't want it!

MrElemonator says:

Alcohol kills the microbes.

2532robh1 says:

Hey news media, did you notice you got ratioed here? Expected that? The people are awake and we know you promoted the scam and continue to do so even now. You are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Congress is Den of Thieves says:

These doses went to waste due to government incompetence. My wife, just under age 50, was turned away today because she wasn’t eligible yet. My 5 year old got hers along with me last week. There is no shortage, so let anyone who wants one to get one. We all benefit with more people vaccinated.

Bob Bobby says:

Good. Right where they belong, in the garbage.

Jaqui McCree says:

Great news! That’s 82 million people that weren’t poisoned.

You God says:

Day 809 of 15 days to flatten the curve.

toadamine says:

Nobody wants that shit, the scam is up!

Perfectly Pisces says:

Love to see it

unlisted junk says:

They should have had a two-for-one sale. Get a covid shot and a respirator for free.

James Mason says:

Some amount of vaccine is always wasted or lost. It's the price of having it available. So let's look at this a little closer. 589 million doses were administered with 82 million lost – that's a waste of about 13%. Looking around for other examples of vaccine efforts and percentage usage? I find the US flu vaccine in 2007 produced about 110 million doses with 10 million being discarded at the end of the year – so 9%. And the flu vaccine effort must have had incremental waste of a couple percent that we're not seeing.

Bottom line? This is what it means when you make vaccine available.

aaL says:

We should now hold these pharma companies accountable. They were in on this shit just as much as fauci.

good to see some of you liberals over here too…hope you arent still obsessing over trump.

Jennifer Sohn says:

Jeez…so many countries needed vax doses.
Shame, shame.

Yehim Stone says:

The sheeple have awaken. I say that as a 62 year old American male who never wore the mask, never vaccinated and never got sick. Also never get the flu vaccine and never get the flu. It's true healthy diet and exercise does make a healthy immune system.

Trump forever says:

They don't f##king work anyway!

Jason W says:

I’m not getting another dose. The first two give me pericarditis and my heart rate would sky rocket for months. I would be at work 100ft underwater and my heart would randomly start racing and I felt like I couldn’t breathe, or I would be lying down on the couch and it would happen. It took 6 months for that to stop. No thanks, Keep your garbage vaccine that doesn’t stop you from getting covid or transmitting it. Ridiculous.

Mh R says:

That’s because only a fraction of the “reported” number of Americans actually got vaccinated. More lies by the woke media and Gates and Soros. Thank goodness also. Look at the military report issued in January….300% increase in cancer diagnosis by vaccinated service members. That’s not my opinion, those are facts reported by the department of defense. Ask any OBGYN off the record if they feel safe enough to answer and they will tell you cancer diagnoses are off the charts since COVID VACCINES STARTED.

Edward Telles says:

I'm sure Big phaRMa received there cut.
Government Waist at it's BEST…

Stephan Medlin says:

Yeah that will happen when people decide their own health choices.

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