This Is The First LIQUID Robot, And It’s Unbelievable

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These robots are truly mind-blowing and fascinating.
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Special thanks to Professor Li Zhang for chatting to me about their creation.

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Written by: Mitchell Moffit
Edited by: Luka Šarlija

The study/source:


Irfan Mahmood says:

Great on paper….

Niiyah Gore says:

Nice to know… especially after getting 4+ jabs of an unknown concoction during some of the least politically trustworthy years of my life… earth is fun

Jennifer S says:

Got to love how they make this true life horror show sound like a fun after school special. I love when he says it is purely hypothetical. Wink, wink.

SquirrellyBird says:

OK. I love science like this purely out of appreciation for the "science" of it. But, has anyone here seen the movie "Venom"? If so, anything here look familiar?

Black Winter says:

Is this what V2K is?

audrey lee says:

There are many disease without cure because of humans creating things that became monsters.

Blue Dynamite says:

There you are asleep at night, in comes Mr blobby through door crack, creeps up the stairs and decides to kill you…

Mary Ellen Defino says:

This is disgusting. Like the old movie “The Blood”. We already have cures for cancer. They won’t allow them. There is no profit in it. This slime would be used against humanity, no doubt. They will probably put this crap in our food. Yup.. let’s trust the Chinese scientist.

Tracie Downing says:

More clot $hot$ on the way…

Federico Venturi says:

Never mentions where the propulsion comes from. It seems a hidden magnet below the surface is dragging it. The title could be "innovative material can change form and be dragged by magnetic force"

adrienne montes says:

Let’s see the science papers! Nope someone pulling your leg

adrienne montes says:

I don’t believe it.

Matty Dominic says:

Was waiting for Sarah Connor to crash into the room to take Li out before this becomes what it's destined to become.

TheFakeVirus says:

covid-19 vaccines ..all im sain

VectorSphere_Desings says:

Probably will
Cause cancer

Nakibuuka Susana says:

First we had HIV, coronavirus followed may be now slim virus

Ivan Bodurov says:

And when you introduce upper existence allowance you could be happily euthanized. PLEASURE IS ALL MINE. I have been thinking about that, like many of us. When something becomes burden, the logic is..?..

Notadonna says:

Use it for water desalination.

Chris Johnson says:

They won't use it to heal people for a fair price. Instead it will be used for nefarious purposes for the most part.

brenda cather says:

This is more of a threat to humans than something good, you know why? Because people have the tendency to do horrible things to each other for their own selfish agenda.

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