Italian ICU struggling to treat coronavirus patients

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(7 Nov 2020) As the number of infections in Italy continues to grow, hospitals in many cities across the country are struggling to contain the new wave that is overwhelming intensive care wards.
On Friday, the country recorded 37,809 new cases of coronavirus, a new record for Italy.
At the Circolo hospital in Varese, a city that is second only to Milan for the number of new infections, with 1460 cases recorded on Friday, doctors and nurses are working non-stop to treat the infected inpatients and find new beds.  
Varese is in the northern Lombardy region, the hardest hit by the first wave of the virus which gripped Italy earlier this year and now one of several areas to be subjected to a new lockdown.
Lombardy reported nearly 10,000 new cases on Friday, more than a quarter of the nation’s latest caseload.
The arrival of new patients at the Varese hospital never ceases, just like in March.
While most of the patients came from “red zones” outside Varese during the first coronavirus wave, such as Bergamo, Brescia or the Pavia area, they now come exclusively from Varese and the surrounding villages.

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Therese Nydahl says:

Face masks are mandatory in Italy and they are heading towards another catastrophy. We never wore face masks in Sweden and we are ok and are not even close to a second wave like countries where face masks are mandatory are experiencing right now. It proves that face masks give you a false security, it takes more than that to stop the spread. Socially distance, follow the recommendations, stay safe and healthy❤

Stumpy Dlugi says:

People will still claim its a fake virus

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