The BEST Smartphones of 2022!

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Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2022 – including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! To improve your online shopping experience, check out Karma here:

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†Zess† says:

Is anyone here from ryan trahan bc he donated 5,000 dollars?.

Igor Andrade says:

Do you recommend the Samsung S22 Ultra Exynos version?? I read that he is with alot of problems.. You telling the Samsung is the best all around is the snapdragon or exynos?

Yama Fanboy says:

RIP ̶H̶e̶a̶d̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶ Huawei Users

rayjous says:

omg were you the person who donated $5000 to ryan trahan

Sahil Shah says:

got me confused

Gilbert Lemon says:

Thank you for donating 5000 dolars

Gilbert Lemon says:

Thx for donating 5000

Le mango says:

A little bird told me that u spent 5 grand on Ryan’s fund raiser.

RoBlocKYz says:

Wow you donated 5 grand to Ryan Trahan's charity good job!

K R Sreedhar says:

Hi Arun… Love the video… Can we get a video on OPPO FIND X5 PRO???

Skitoh6106 says:

bro is insane, donated $5k USD to Ryan Trahans fundraiser for meals

GD BlackRed says:

What happened to the "Standing up" routine for the videos? (or was this a late video before the routine announcement?)

Piyush Kumar says:

Bro donated 5000$ meals to hungry people in need
Appreciated bro ❤️

Aizack says:

Arun , was the most honest Youtuber gadget reviewer. He's one of the most brilliant out there. The other Youtuber will just say "Oh iphone is the best blah blah, and they are the most idiotic youtuber that doesn't really know bout worlds technology.Goodjob Arun.

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