I made a scripting language for games!

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In this video I show off the new scripting language I am building. The language is very early in development, though it can do a lot. So far there’s support for if expressions, function definitions and recursion, lists, dictionaries, lambdas, and much more. (Warning) this video is pretty long and I ramble a bit.

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proib talent says:

I'm here struggling with JavaScript at 30 and someone at this age is creating a programming language, Oh God help me

Tadeo Games says:

That's really cool also it's a good project for a portfolio

LordOfTrident says:

Surely interesting, nice. I dont know much about lisp and langs with similar syntax, but the few times i saw them i must say i really dont like the syntax.

Semper Solus says:

By sheer coincidence, I've been trying to do something very similar.
But, noob that I am, I didn't even consider memory management.
This is very educational.

Executie says:

teach me pls

Odhynth says:

this is so overkill

GameProgrammerGalaxy says:

This is a REALLY complex language!

FreakCdev says:

Damn, I wonder if this is available for download ?

TheAmaz1ngBurger says:

That was really interesting! Would love to see follow-up tutorial video(s)!

Matej Minar says:

I am interested to see what this will become.

Frank Hale says:

LISP!!! Love it!

JustTree says:

this is cool, i just learned you can create your own code.

bomal user says:

First viwer

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