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In today’s video we are designing a pancake brand from scratch! We’re designing a logosuite for this new pancake brand. Enjoy!

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Stages of the Process
00:43 About the Client
1:06 Brand Strategy
1:53 Design Inspiration
3:27 Mood Boarding
6:21 Choosing Typography
10:18 Designing the Logo Suite
17:20 Colour Palette
20:28 Packaging Mockup
21:05 Brand Video
21:31 Outro


Nahla Al Rushaid says:

Hi Abi .. any chance to get in touch for an identity rebranding product business please?

Health Advice says:

i love you abi

Samantha Moore says:

Sooo excited i found you! Your videos are awesome!!

John Nava says:

The way you layout your workflow so well and clear: you're inspiring me to create logos again!!

sketchy sticks says:

what do you charge for something like this? You did a great job!

Alicewonder says:

This is sooooooo good!! Fans from Malaysia!!

Saeed A. says:

you're so talented Abi mashalah! keep going

Johanna Keim says:

Thank you for having a channel and making this video!! I've been trying to find more women designers and artists to support and subscribe to and its mental that 95% or more videos above the fold are (idenitfy as) male content creators. I mean they're fine but it'd be nice to have more women being showcased! Subscribed!!

İrem Yıldırım says:

I think I am in love with your brain…

Anamika Hossain says:

I couldn't find another graphic designing channel like yours before… Thanks for making detailed videos

Alberto López says:

What extension are you using for drag and drop from pinterest to illustrator?

Ziqi Huang says:

That’s amazing!!! By the way, where do you get these so fantastic fonts?

Sj K says:

this was the worst possible design for the required product and market. wth

Kellence758 says:

Oh my goodness!! I literally cried in the end. You are amazing. Thank you! as a Student, I'm not gonna stop learning and developing my skills. I'm new to your channel btw❤❤

antonella ifran says:

You are such an inspiration, Abi! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I never get tired of watching your videos.

Mariana Firmino says:

The logotype ideia was so clever! Loved how it turned out.

Dr BARBIE Glam says:

I really need you for my business

DarlingSisters FOREVER says:

Such a great video! Many thanks! I’ve just started learning design and one question to make it clear: do you suppose to pay for fonts when it’s to be manipulated in your own way or not?)

Sonia Casciano says:

Love the logomarks!!

Hamodee Mohammed says:

Thank YOU a lot ^_^
I always learn from you. You are creative and generous at the same time

Supernova Sites says:

Thanks Abi. Big fan! I could watch your videos for hours!!!

Journey With Shemaiah MILLS says:

Hey I had a question? Could you do a video of behind the scenes and how when you communicate with through email I think that would be really helpful for anyone that wants to pursue this kinda like. A day in the life

Amanda Davis says:

Your videos are so helpful. I’ve been using Canva and outsourcing my brand concepts and AI has always been intimidating. You make me feel like I can actually be a whiz in AI like I am in Canva. Your videos are too the point and I love how you explain the tools you’re using. Thank you so much!!!!

اساس رس says:

Wow I thought you have 1m subs

Grant Dejno says:

Some of the best content on YouTube

Syed Hussain Ali Shah says:

Your videos are kind of addictive

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