Intermittent Fasting Guide for 2022 | Doctor Mike Hansen

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Intermittent Fasting Guide for 2022 | Doctor Mike Hansen

Did you know that it’s been predicted that by 2030, more than half of the U.S population will be classified as obese, and this doesn’t even account for the number of people classified as overweight?

Major Facts of this Intermittent Fasting Complete Guide Video:
00:00 – What is Intermittent Fasting?
01:17 – Science of Fasting
07:32 – Time Restricted Eating
08:58 – Periodic Fasting
09:32 – Alternate Day Fasting
10:00 – How to Fast?
14:30 – Will Fasting make me Super Hungry for too long?
15:15 – How long does it take Fasting to Work?
16:12 – Is this something that you can stick to?
16:45 – Intermittent Fasting Benefits (Research Data)
22:24 – Fasting for Weight Loss
26:11 – Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan
34:04 – Who shouldn’t do Fasting?

If you think Fasting could be a good fit for you, that’s great because it has tremendous potential to help you lose fat.

A review article conducted in 2020 looked at 27 trials where participants took part in some form of Fasting. They found that Fasting resulted in weight loss between 0.8-13.0% from baseline body weight and waist circumference decreased (in the studies that recorded it). This systematic review of 40 studies found that IF participants typically lost 7-11 pounds over 10 weeks.

Several experts and policymakers have developed the American Dietary Guidelines 2020-2025. Essentially they are a set of dietary recommendations updated every 5 years. When we summarize the high-quality evidence available to us in these guidelines (as well as in consensus statements and high-quality studies), we can see that a healthy diet (or healthy dietary patterns) are made up of the following components:
● Eat plenty of whole fruits and vegetables of all types (especially aiming for more vegetables than fruit).
● Eat high fiber starches and choose mainly whole grains.
● Eat protein-containing foods daily from various sources (mixed, vegetarian, or vegan are all perfectly healthy).
● Choose minimally processed fats and oils from plant sources.

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When you eat a ‘normal’ meal, glucose (from carbs) and fatty acid (from fats) are the primary energy sources for your cells. After you’ve eaten, glucose is used as a direct source of energy, and fatty acids are stored in your fat tissue in the form of triglycerides.

When you fast, meaning you are eating nothing or very little, your body runs out of glucose and needs an alternative energy source to keep going. It now breaks down your triglycerides into their individual components (fatty acids and glycerol), and then your liver will convert the fatty acids into ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies (or ketones for short) can be used as an alternative energy source for many tissues, including the brain. When you eat enough food (from all 3 macronutrient groups- carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), the number of ketones in your blood is low. When you fast, this level rises within the first 8-12 hours, reaching between 0.2-0.5 millimolar (mM) levels, maintained for about 24 hours with a subsequent increase to 1-2 mM by around 48 hours. However, fuel is not the ketone’s only function; it also significantly affect your cells and organs. For example, ketones able to:

1. Improve mitochondrial function
Mitochondria are often referred to as the powerhouses of our cells. Energy in our body is mainly from mitochondria releasing energy from ATP molecules. When we suffer from metabolic disturbances and obesity, our mitochondrial function is reduced, but Fasting may help improve this function.

2. Help your cells become more resistant to stress
During these times of food restriction, the cells adopt a stress resistance mode. Essentially you are making your cells more challenging to withstand.

3. Enhance autophagy
Autophagy, which is Latin that stands for “self-eating,” refers to when cells purposely eat other cells in your body. They might sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. Autophagy gives your cells the ability to clean up “cellular garbage” that usually accumulates in cells or when you are hurt or sick. Basically, it’s your cell’s version of taking out the trash! When autophagy doesn’t work properly, your immune system attacks this cellular garbage and can cause low-grade, chronic inflammation (the basis of most chronic diseases).

4. Help Recovery
When you eat or break the fast, the body is forced to switch from Fasting and using ketones to glucose. This is known as ‘metabolic switching.

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Doctor Mike Hansen says:

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W WMikish says:

Thanks, Dr. Mike. Really appreciate the good information you give us. For the most part I eat healthily but the last 2 wks I've gone crazy eating sugar. So watching your vids says, Whooooa! 131 at p.m. today.

Michael Mills says:

I'm waking up this morning, trying to fast until noon, when my eating window begins, and I'm watching this video that is nothing but clips of people eating, eating, and pouring food in their mouths… LOL.

Miss J. says:

How do you deal with feeling weak, dizzy, fainting, stomach aches because hungry, etc.?

Vincowitz says:

Thanks!! Great succinct information burst for impatient guys like me.

Gabriel Domocos says:

Is anyone doing any research from an environmental perspective on this? What would it take to declare added sugar a toxic contaminant? Is there anything we can do to change the pervasive availability of processed food without punishing the poor who live in food deserts?

realtruth7able says:


Yuan Le says:

I am curious how fasting, or any diet works with people who usually have non-American or non-western food. I kind of feel people used to different diet might have different problems and benefit from different food. Just don’t know if there are studies on those groups of people

Rick Thain says:

OMAD works best for me. I feel great when in ketosis, so I keep carbs low. 62 year old diabetic that finally realized that my body cannot handle 3 plus meals per day and all the refined, processed foods available on every corner in America. My generation brought this unhealthy eating habits on by thinking low fat and whole grains was healthy. We are now learning not to listen to the so-called experts. Read labels and eat 2 meals per day or less.

Jona Adams says:

The more fun you have, the faster you're going to look like an old prune.

Ehc BLAMP says:

I did intermittent fasting for about 4 years and then was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. I suspect the fasting was a contributing factor to the severity of the bone loss in my spine. I would be cautious about restricting eating for long periods.

Vicky Sunday says:

I’m very much excited to have come across Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my Herpes Virus with his natural herbs medication which I ordered from him. All thanks to Dr Igudia

shychameleon says:

I’ve been a night shift worker for 22 years. What do I do? I eat around 3 a.m., I’m always tired, and yes, I take Armour Thyroid and get no sun. Suggestions? I can’t work days as there are no openings so that’s out.

Defender2516 says:

Dude, is Jesus behind you or something. So much white.

TorBoy9 says:

Great video on intermittent fasting. Much of the benefits, which I have also experienced first hand, has been contested on social media and by numerous doctors. Every single benefit. I have benefited from IF. To each his/her own. Don't listen to the docs and others on IF and just write it off. I encourage others to try IF and see for yourself.

Solexx X says:

There is way too much sugar and starch in the diet you recommend. Please discuss Kito and other carb restricted diets.

Patsy Frazier says:

You are all blessed if you can do this. I was born with abnormal insides. Over my lifetime I have lost my colon, 6 foot of my small intestines and part of my stomach. Be thankful for what you are and don't squander it. I have lived to 79 so far through much work and having to take medication. After 35 years I have been introduced to a new med that has stopped my liquid stools. It has helped me Iin being able to eat more normally again and renewed my quality of life.
Blessings to all that take this advise to matain health or regain it.

N2 DaAIR says:

Sorry but you’re making this much harder than it has to be. Way too many options to provide opportunity to fail these methods. Keeping it simple is a huge factor for making this lifestyle work. The answer to good health has been known for many,many, years. Eat a proper diet consisting of REAL FOOD at APPROPRIATE TIMES and fukin EXERCISE!!!

Astroboy Skygazer says:

Intermittent fasting is a blessing…

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