Craziest "Karma/Revenge" Moments in Sports History

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Craziest “Karma/Revenge” Moments in Sports History

BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY: Ecclesiastes 12:13-14


Highlight Reel says:


uvcoach42 says:

When I see Bautista I think of ODOR ..and the right


not a single hockey clip in a revenge video, wtf?

RGaming008 says:

I do dumb/silly things and make silly comments and karma always puts me in place whenever It thinks it needs to and I never learn because I never think about karma, so I relate to almost all of these clips lol

Paul john says:

Man this nba is too violent….need to be bored and watch wnba lol. NOT!

skaz777 says:

Karma is something that reveals itself in the next lifetime.

Christopher Collins says:

Pride goeth before the fall…nothing beats that moment when someone tries to show they’re the best, but instead makes one of the stupidest errors possible.

Brandon Stadler says:

That Ben Simmons clip needs to be removed on principle alone.

Non-masturbating Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

What boring sports

Tree says:

A lot of baseball karma happens on Jackie Robinson Day. I think that’s a sign

BaSsGaZ says:

"Sports History"? You mean NBA and NFL History. You know there are other sports in the world right?

xThe_noJx says:

That Kobe Don't Flinch clip was ice cold.

Tone Blake says:

Juju wasn’t the same after that game

CoolHand032 says:

Why do pitchers appear to get upset and walk towards the batter after they almost or actually do hit them? Like, what reason does the pitcher have to be upset?

Juice says:

That ankle breaking with Hall has me crying

Alexandre Berton says:

Guess you only know 3 Sports

Table Salt says:

the curry joke was good

JoeyB Playin says:

I guess hockey doesn't exist

Massey 4 Mortem says:

2:12 What f*cking flop.. That's why I stopped watching the NBA..

K R says:

I wonder why batters are always so pissy about a bad pitch, it happens. I know sometimes it is intentional but I would bet majority are not.

Deebo says:

Sooooo, did anybody win the gift card? Lol

BusyBasaz says:

A few things.

1. I don't mind a little bit of showboating beforehand. It can be part of their ritual to psyche them up. L

2. I don't like showboating mid-game. It's unsportsmanlike and not what they are being paid for. It's an egotistical act for themselves and can end up hurting the team and the fans.

3. Nothing sounds quite as good as the crunch when a batter strikes a home run.

4. There is something mesmerizing when NFL players all run towards the end zone together without anyone colliding.

5. From the vast majority of basketball clips here, I couldn't figure out who the "bad guy" was or why.

Goldentaco says:

Im european so don’t know enything about these sports, but why is evry baseball player fat??

Kevin Lodge says:

At 13:41, either bench him for a game or two or fire him with a big fat fine.

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