All 2022 GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions & Moments On Britain's Got Talent

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Watch All 2022 GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions & Moments On Britain’s Got Talent

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Oluwaseyi Dolapo says:

Loren's voice is amazing

J Brown says:

Where is the daughter?

Une Parisienne says:

today, everything on these shows is about diversity. These people are really talented so I guess they deserve it but idk maybe others deserved it more (I'm not talking about all the performances but I think other performers deserved golden buzzers but they were white)

Jskinas says:

Dang! I don't know why I revisit this videos, I end up crying everytime :'D

Rebecca Lea says:

Last lady just took my breath! Beautiful vocals, and triumphantly for all those talented people Hollywood abuses, uses and throws away, after they plug in their talent, into their puppet slaves scenes and stages.

I would like a record like I have all of Susan B. Songs. I am so happy she got the recognition she deserves.

Gary Ball says:

Loren has a fabulous voice. The Japanese magician was great. I had teas in my eyes fom the young girls "dance". The comedian was crazy.

em1o smurf says:

that was no audition. that was a performance. amazing.

Ariel Thomas says:

Pence que era Bazzer

Brian Paylago says:

LOREN. Enough said

Cecccacci Christelle says:

So glad the duet of piano/rap get yhe golden buzz!!!!

LIRight says:

From an old guy…this is the best Rap Song I've heard! God Bless these two young men! I loved it! To be clear, I'm talking about the first duo – fantastic!!!!

AhMaD QaShMaR says:

Thanks so much ❤️

Sandra Kwarteng says:

Awww David is adorable as a judge

Claire Mills says:

This is one of them songs that hit home it made me emotional

Estrella Cuevas says:

omg, i love it

MR M says:

The standards are getting worse lol. Only one worthy was possibly the Japanese magician as he was a bit different

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