Must Watch Astronomy Events In June 2022 | Planet Alignment | Meteor Shower | Super Moon

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Here are the top astronomical events in June 2022:

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June 2: Moon at apogee
June 5: Saturn enters retrograde motion
June 11: Conjunction of Venus and Uranus
June 14: Super Strawberry Moon
June 17: Mercury at greatest elongation west
June 20: Ptolemy cluster is well-placed
June 21: Summer Solstice
June 21: Close approach of Moon and Jupiter
June 22: Mercury at dichotomy
June 22: Conjunction of Moon and Mars
June 24: The grand celestial alignment
June 25: Lunar occultation of Uranus
June 26: Close approach of Moon and Venus
June 27: June Bootid meteor shower
June 28: Neptune enters retrograde motion
June 29: New Moon

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