Judge reads verdict in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial | full video

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A jury in Virginia on Wednesday awarded Johnny Depp $15 million in his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. The jury also said Depp was liable for a statement his attorney made calling her claims a hoax, and awarded her $2 million. Watch the verdict being read.

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CBS News says:

Watch more videos on Johnny Depp's defamation trial against Amber Heard: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEb3ThbkPrFY2CHE5KLKBS7LW0js3WExO

Crystal Phoenix says:

If someone were to make a movie about a vindicate narcissistic psycho bia tech, she might get hired.

Sophie loves says:

Johnny Depp won on all counts so I'm unsure how this was not really a slam dunk for anyone, bias

Azman Khan says:

Make no mistake about it. It IS a slamdunk victory for JD. The most important issues in this trial is whether it is true that JD is an abuser & whether AH can prove that her claims isn't a hoax. Who cares whether the Waldman's statement about the apartment being messed up under the direction of AH's lawyer & publicist is defamatory or not??

c roge says:

For someone who was supposed yo have been sexualy abused she sure showed no true emotion for it my wife was abused by a father of hers nothing ever done and she cringes ever time a show talks or shows it she is a damn lier

Only1MH says:

Well her career is over

Real Libertarian says:

She needs to pay everything she owes that man for lies and fake claims

toys universe ( el paraíso del juguete ) says:

Y pensar que nadie apoyo a Amber heárd jajaja

Sherell Thompson says:

Like I don’t understand how they thought anyone would believe those lies EXCEPT the media. The media will take pretty much anything and run with it. Like her legal team looked pretty silly trying to keep up with lies and win a trial. I hope they got paid big for this and I hope they all got fined for perjury

Hera Wati says:

I know he ll make it cause he is our captain Jack sparrow Regards your man from sea Bali Indonesia

Drex Mason says:

Should have rested on her British laurels.

prakriti says:

We won Johny!

Ashwin Thomas Kalloor says:

Where is Turds smirk now?

MaggaMoosie says:

Don't let this keep you from telling your truth if you are being abused. I was accused of 'incurring marital debt' by running away to an apartment. Pic, texts, etc aren't allowed in 'regular' court! Once the court believed I was not running TO someone, it meant that there had to be a reason for me to leave everything behind. It will never be mentioned by word in a court, but it doesn't have to be. I was given MORE than what I asked for! I didn't even have the full retainer fee, but paid my atty in full after the sale of my house. Yeah, my ex was like JD only middle class.. He OD'd 5 months ago.

Priya Gowda says:

She deserves nothing!!!
Btw congratulations Johnny Depp.

Rhodybimmers says:

She ruined her own life. All Narcissist need to learn from this mistake

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