Intense fighting breaks out in Ukraine's Donbas region

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Russia is intensifying its push to capture a key Ukrainian city in the eastern Donbas Region. CBS News foreign correspondent Imtiaz Tyab speaks with CBS News’ Lana Zak on the fighting in the Donbas, and whether civilians have been able to evacuate amid the intense conflict.

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abel cruz ascanio says:

blackrock in action, doing whatever they want

PJ 76 says:

Isn't it PAR for the CORASE that the MSM NBC CBS ABC CNN only show one side of the War and cover up the real reason behind this whole War. Sadly the Ukraine people are caught in the middle. Zelensky made to look like a good guy What you don't know???

Lysergicaciddiethylamideaddict says:

Who killed those 14,000 people in Donbas over the past 8 years?

Ford Mustang says:

there has been fighting in this area for 8 years

Mr webcam says:

The entire Ukraine soldiers are refusing to go to frondline!!!! Maybe end time is near

sinheiba says:

Ukraine is a western puppet

Laurie says:

Per Pentagon briefing today, we are sending only 4 HIMARS with a range of 40 miles?! Please call the White House and Senators and Representative and insist we send 40 or 50 HIMARS, preferably with a greater range.

Jerome Eli says:

Russia should remember they could be attacked from amy angle.

Jerome Eli says:

Launch attack on Russia now!

Jelly Bean Kota says:

New B52 saucerwith cooler engines with unlimited power speed and sliding doors not drop open doors super sonic missiles that have multi dimensional capabilities and bombshells radar jamming that makes a electromagnetic cloaking , true invisibility RS

Jelly Bean Kota says:

If you believe a word Putin is saying your niece, putii,s plan is to take all of ukrine, Putin was building a blockade as he pulled out of kyie and other western citizens, he was planning a food crisis, Ukraine must wii ou right. Putin is causing genocide of Ukraine. Slow NATO EU And US getting ukraine what it needs to win effectively, Russia invaded Ukraine to stop competitive global market,Russia! Knows Ukraine ca give gas and oil to Europe and did not want this, Putin has hornswaggled all of you being one step ahead each time. Ukraine can defeat Russia. With the right resources Ukraine can also help with world financial crisis. The world has to work together to prevent any nation from hurting. Equality control by all to rebuild green energy market. Russia has said we will evole, that means they will rule world order if let to dictate ignorance and lies. Banks will fail also if they do not cooperate stopping Russia. Putin mhm is shrewd slowing weapons to Ukraine, in order to markets succeed all nations must work as a United front to stop Putin, china,m!nd Tehran. Must win not a repeat against other historical losses, this loss can cause world crippling economy, mass move 5o support and help ukrine to prevent the end of and era of oppression world wide, the human race must enter a new era and grow together with clean energy, for all, oil and gas is crippling our earth, we must move into a new era of life. No nation should be held hostage over energy ever again all technology should be given and established for all free nations, no more terrorism.nuclear power must be eliminated nations using it as a blackmail against other nation technology to shut it down , obsolete, Putin and China andnterannarebroing just that . All nations need to develop new typeof electrical technology one new level of knowing where and stockpiled nuclear weapons are and eliminated, antigravity must be developed and become the new means of travel which can be fully dicovered developing new free energy. We can an must, at the same time we must grow as a race of fairness, equality, no more corruption, oppression,and greed, but the world working together to build a new a new era in human evolution, before we destroy our home earth. Thses people trying to control limited resources are gone the earth obliterated then what. So next time your sitting ruling over life and future of our human race ,,what really is your goals and destiny, dont let it be fear, we must win to survive, not held hostage, oppressed or have to settle we dont were free and can and have the ability to win, were smart we just need to change our point of view and plan for victory, just like Ukraine, or ournwennext, not me I'm a fighter a winner, explorer, the future of man kind. So what do you want for you children and theirs and beyound. Let's unite and fight for morality and don,t look backwards, we can change everything or lose no matter were we end up we will be free to grow and become the new human species, what about it US NATO EU and all free nations peace hope, Randolph Starling

Backpacker8381 says:

Video proof has emerged showing a Ukrainian tank positioned underneath an apartment building in Severodonetsk. It is a war crime to position near or in civilian structures. View it on The New Atlas channel, "Russian Ops in Ukraine: Rocket Launchers and Lost Cities" starting at the 8 minute, ten second mark.

Chong Li says:

1.05 the man on the left photoshopped?

Merkeb tube says:

Victory for russia , longe live for putin

Jim Serrano says:

Ukraine lost the war duh

Jim Serrano says:

The stubborn old are sure gonna be taught a lesson for staying

jackie sharples says:

American news tells lies because zelensky show must Go on

Thomas Taylor says:

Time to put out Zelensky, into Maidan Square, wearing nothing but a speedo and high heels, no bodyguard

Usurp says:

Ukraine is losing stop being delusional people you aren't apart of the movement there's nothing you're lies will do to save Ukraine wake up

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