Former President Donald Trump speaks at NRA Convention in Houston

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Former President Donald Trump addresses the NRA Convention in Houston and shared his thoughts following the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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Gun zone free convention

Ernest T. Bass says:

Worst president this country will ever see.

Daniel Sorenson says:

That's a man who talks like a true president

Christopher Townsend says:

My deepest sympathy to each and every family suffering this horrible tragedy.

Devilis In Antarctica says:

I still feel like this guy is the real president they stole elections from him

Cruz PT says:

Remember everyone, trump has put more restrictions on guns than any democrat in the past 15 years.

Jerry Lee says:

Question we NEED answered: How did an18 year old kid with a job at a burger joint get the money, (at least $ 4,000) for the weapons and gear? Who supplied this to him?

Jacob Henry says:

Nothing makes me sicker than seeing this man slandered day in and day out while our former Vice President blames 9mm handguns and our second amendment for these horrific tragedies. Joe Brandon is the most disgusting human to ever grace the White House and the fact that anyone believes that he and/or the administration gives a crap about our people is disgusting in itself.

triggerhappydad65 says:

God bless him!

My 20 year old daughter carries a 9mm semi-auto pistol EVERYDAY.

I carry a pistol everyday, and have for most of my 56 years.

My wife also carries one everyday.

She has a conceal carry permit.

She's an excellent shot, and she's been privately trained (as my daughter and myself) to be acutely aware of who may be BEHIND the bad guy we may have to shoot, and how to get a shot on the bad guy without hurting/killing an innocent bystander.

She is aware of her trigger finger, and never EVER points (or sweeps/moves) the weapon at something or someone she doesn't want to kill.

But the stupid part is, she can't take it into the school system she's worked at for almost 30 years.

My wife can't carry her firearm (and firearm knowledge) into the school, but years ago, our North Carolina Senate (under Governor Pat McCrory) declared weapons ON school grounds, secured in the glove compartment, by a concealed carry permit holder was legal. And that makes sense, because the entire staff (mostly women) used to have to TRAVEL back and forth, school to home, 5 days s week, unarmed….. because having a weapon anywhere on school property was a felony! Democrat idiots decided that.

That's a great step in the right direction, but if you're squeamish about sending your kid to school with armed staff and teachers, please consider this true scenario we've been living for years;

Several times a week we cross paths with our local students, outside of school settings.

We see them in Walmart, in grocery stores, at ball games, lots of places, and because my wife is known and loved by them, they almost always will come to speak with her, eat with her/us, and many times even give a big hug hello and goodbye.

My wife has yet to shoot a single student in any of the many scenarios I just covered……. but in each one, she was packing a 9mm handgun…… with school kids all around her……. and in those moments the kids were safer than they are IN school.

The same kids she's not allowed to protect IN SCHOOL, (while she unarmed), are hugging her neck in Walmart where she's ARMED, and allowed to be a potential guardian if, God forbid, she would ever need to be!!!! ( WTF????)

And unlike the "law enforcement" in the Texas shooting, my wife would actually risk her life to protect ANY of these kids, as would my daughter and myself.

God help us.

dave mcleod says:

Trump shut up!!!

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