A Stellar Discovery Breaks All Previous Records In Astronomy

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Astronomers have spotted the farthest star known to date: Earendel. The light travel distance to this star is 12.9 billion light years, and the proper distance is 28 billion light years. Earendel was discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope using a technique called gravitational lensing. First, Hubble observed the star’s parent galaxy named Sunrise Arc. Then, a bright object was sitting on the edge of the lensed galaxy. Studies proved that it’s the most distant single star ever recorded.

However, this discovery was made using the Hubble Space Telescope, which primarily works in optical and UV regions of the EM spectrum. The upcoming James Webb Space Telescope can peer further back in time and is expected to break this record.

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Research Paper: https://go.nature.com/3PoOk7O
NASA Release: https://go.nasa.gov/3Nd3g7h
Icarus: https://bit.ly/3wsPkzk
Gravitational Lensing: https://bit.ly/3wfWNTm
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Created By: Rishabh Nakra
Narrated By: Jeffrey Smith

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Noric Crome says:

What will we find? We will find that we spent 10-billion dollars to find a light in the sky. A light that does absolutely nothing to us, for us, and has NO VALUE to us. It a light. WOW! 10 billion to find a light.

Theo de Koning says:

Booking a holiday for that paces

Akex says:

The sun has its own universe

noahman27 says:

Fantastic video. (But, did anyone else find the professional narration distracting?)

Black Cloud says:

Fingers cross that Earendel has a cold plasma sun.

Black Cloud says:

intandum galaxies/Sun

Surtac100 says:

Still haven’t found the edge, I want my money back.

Corey M says:

Earendel has to probably be the most beautiful sounding name for any star to date

Maerahn says:

If this video has taught me one thing, it's this; my dumbness is actually a protective shield that stops my brain from exploding at the sheer scale of the numbers and concepts discussed here!

Michael Martin says:

They need to fix the generated voice and teach it how to say metallicity. It sounds like metaalsity. They also need to teach the people making this that H3, Li and Be were also made in the primordial nucleosynthesis.

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